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Plum Welcomes Three New Employees To Production Team

Plum Media is thrilled to welcome three new employees to its growing family: Emily Annunziata, Bryce Richards and Amy Freeze.

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Emily Annunziata Bryce Richards Amy Freeze


Emily Annunziata

Emily Annunziata has joined the Plum team as a writer, producer and director. After graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in journalism and mass communication, she jumped right into an internship at a local news station where she worked for 14 years. Emily's extensive newsroom experience has prepared her for anything that might be thrown her way.

“What I am looking forward to the most is getting a chance to work with the live events team at Plum Media. Coming from news, live events is where I thrive – under pressure and under deadlines – so I’m very excited to see the live event process here at Plum,” Annunziata said.

Annunziata has lived in the Milwaukee area for 15 years and is looking forward to growing and evolving in the city she loves.

Bryce Richards

Bryce Richards will be taking on three big roles of writer, producer and director. After graduating from Columbia College, Richards landed his first gig at a post-production house in Milwaukee. Seven years later he’s highly experienced in all aspects of video production and is excited to dive into projects as part of the Plum family.

Richards said, “Plum’s body of work really speaks for itself. I've had an admiration for them for six years, so I just immediately gravitated toward this opportunity.”

Richards' passion lies in filmmaking, and he believes the power of film is exponential. “If clients want their brand to have a certain effect, it’s a fun challenge to figure out how to evoke that emotion and tell their story in a cool way with moving images."

Amy Freeze

Finally, Plum would like to introduce Amy Freeze, who has joined the Plum team as a writer and producer.

Freeze landed her first job in video production as an undergraduate at St. Norbert College. After graduation, she moved into a TV newsroom where Amy quickly learned the ins and outs of live event production. Not only is she highly experienced in producing and writing, but Amy also is skilled in marketing and public relations. Amy is looking forward to collaborating with other creative minds to produce memorable videos for clients and consumers.

Freeze said, “What I like most about Plum is the people. Everyone is so welcoming and creative. It's great to be around like-minded individuals who 'get' you, know your vision, and are able to come together to create cool videos everyday.”

Freeze is particularly passionate about travel and tourism, and she believes everyone should take time to explore what Wisconsin has to offer.

“You've got forests, water parks, beaches, breweries – the list is endless! I really enjoy being able to tell those stories and show people where they can go and the fun they can find right in their backyards,” Freeze said.

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