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Plum's starting lineup: meet the creative team

Pre-season is over. Are you ready for some action? We’re kicking off the football season by introducing our team (below). Let’s toss some ideas around. It’s all about making forward progress and coming up with a winning strategy. We’ll bring our A game.


Angela DePons Office Manager 8 yrs
Bob Gregory Director of Photography 6 yrs
Bruce Gibb Producer 20 yrs
Chad D'Acquisto Live Event Director 2 yrs
Colleen Black Digital Production Assistant 1 yrs
Eric Conley Editor 17 yrs
Gael Garbarino  Producer / Writer 16 yrs
Gary Cline  Writer / Director 5 yrs
Jason Klappa  Director of Photography 1 yr
Jay Cederholm  Editor 9 yrs
Katie Raebel  Online Video 9 yrs
Kelly Daley Producer / Writer 9 yrs
Ken Schellin Producer / Director 11 yrs
Kevin Petajan Motion Graphics Artist 8 yrs
Lance Miller Producer / Writer 3 yrs
Nicole Gates  Editor 4 yrs
Patrice Nault  Dir. Operations 9 yrs
Rhonda Patzlsberger Producer / Writer 18 yrs
Rich Schmig Producer / Director 20 yrs
Trevor Wright Producer / Director 5 yrs



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