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NOW HIRING: Multi-Camera Live Stream and Live Event Writer/Producer/Director

Plum Media is looking for a Multi-Camera Live Streaming and Live Event Writer/Producer/Director for live events, corporate sales, training, marketing, and town hall meetings.


Recruiting tips: how to showcase your company vibe and region

As part of any good recruitment effort, there must be a strategy behind the process. As you start, prioritize a few areas you want to focus on. First and foremost, a recruiting video should communicate what's unique about your company through the office, people and location.


10 ways to recruit more hires with video

Stocks are surging, unemployment is low and the economy is looking up. Great news for our investments and retirement funds, but busy times for headhunters, human resources professionals and college recruiters. Finding qualified candidates is getting even more difficult. A great way to get started, to communicate your unique message, is to add video to your recruitment efforts.


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