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Creative Marketing Resources videos win dotCOMM award

Sometimes all we need is a second chance in life. That second chance came to Milwaukee resident, Jamie De Jesus, just when he needed it most. Plum Media was brought in by Creative Marketing Resources to tell De Jesus’ story. The video was produced by Plum producer and director, Trevor Wright, and recognized with a dotCOMM award for Social Media Marketing.


Amp up social recruiting with live video

If you're a professional recruiter, you're no stranger to the hiring challenges in a tight job market. Cutting through the digital noise to attract the right talent can seem impossible – which is why you want to consider adding live video to the mix.


Tips for marketing your videos on YouTube using Google AdWords

Guest Post By: Joe Martinez

Every single day, YouTube videos generate billions of views.  But how do you, the advertiser, tap into that massive audience? With Google AdWords, an online advertising service, the tools for getting your ads in front of the coveted YouTube crowd are right at the tips of yours fingers. From text-based search ads, in-app mobile ads and YouTube ads there are a variety of ways to target your customer.  How do you effectively utilize these tools? Read on below for strategies.  


Episodic content: give the people what they want

I used to watch "Lost" every week. Couldn’t wait for the next "30 Rock." And when the next episode from "Glove & Boots" appears on YouTube, you know I’ll devour it right away.

Episodic content is addictive. We get comfortable with the characters, locations and format in a particular show, and we want more!


12 Days of Bad Stock Footage | #badstock

At Plum, we comb through stock footage everyday and this year we discovered a lot of terrible gems along the way.

Mostly holiday related.

This inspired us to create our own #badstock holiday footage starring all your favorite Plum characters:

Check out the rest of our 12 days of #badstock below.


5 Great Locations to Hold a Business Conference

Rich Schmig | Plum Partner & Producer/Writer/Director

As soon as people find out that part of my job is to produce and stage large business conferences and corporate meetings across the country – and around the world – they inevitably ask the same question: “What is your favorite city or event venue?”


Why Promote Your Crowdfunding Project with Video?

By Trevor Wright | Producer/Director

Recently, filmmaker Zach Braff (Garden State) and show creator Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) were able to fully fund their new movie projects; just with money from the fans. This has pushed crowdfunding to the mainstream, but both campaigns, as do many others, had something in common; a great crowdfunding video!


How To Get Views: Case Study

UPDATED! - How To Get Views: Case Study

Katie Raebel | Online Video Specialist

When I first came on board with Plum in September 2011, one of the first things I took a look at was our own YouTube channel. In particular I wanted to know what videos were on there and how people were discovering those videos. What I found was some great content that wasn’t optimized very well for search engines like Google and YouTube and bottom line: it wasn’t getting found.


Updated! - YouTube Prefers Watch Time Over Views

Katie Raebel | Video Strategy & Distribution


Using Google AdWords to Promote Your Video

  • Katie Raebel
  • Aug 20, 2012 2:00:11 AM
  • YouTube

By Angela DePons | Accounting & Production Assistant

One of the biggest challenges with any Internet video is getting eyes on it. You can have the greatest, funniest, most genius piece of video ever produced, but if no one is watching, then what was it all for?