Plum Projects

Six WI companies, three days of shooting and one big payoff

The Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin came to Plum Media looking for a quality television commercial and some fresh material for its web page.  Due to the Plum team's extensive planning and hard work, the BBBhasmore than enough sound bites, b-roll and interviews for its website and social media outlets.


Generating excitement for the Third Ward’s newest landmark

By: Colleen Black 

It’s the district of delicious food, groovy music and great people.  We would know, we’ve spent our paychecks one too many times at various places across the Third Ward just to experience all our backyard has to offer.  So when we were given the opportunity to help raise awareness for a development project that will contribute to further growth in our area, we didn’t hesitate to accept.


Faces of Brady

Produced By: Kelly Daley

The people at Brady Corp. really wanted to do something different with this image piece. And we did. We didn’t focus on Brady’s products. We focused on Brady’s people. And those people are all over! We shot in California, Mexico, New York, Belgium, and Milwaukee. The video is a great success. It’s accomplished what it was supposed to. It got people at Brady energized and engaged. We’ve heard wonderful anecdotal reactions to the piece. It’s great knowing we gave Brady just what it needed, when it needed it.


What is CannedWater4Kids?

Produced by: Trevor Wright

I knew that I would be dealing with water a lot with the theme of this video. And I knew, for something like this, stock footage wouldn’t cut it. So, I utilized the RED Epic camera, the same camera used to film The Hobbit, and spent a day shooting various lakes, streams, and fountains at high frame rates. Those frame rates were as high as 360 frames per second to create gorgeous looking slow motion shots. After combining what we captured with the footage provided by CW4K, I love how this video turned out.