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Tips for creating a corporate video worth watching

A great corporate video is one that you're always two steps ahead on in the planning process. A lot of that is where repurposing really comes into play. It generates ongoing content for your marketing & communication needs, provides more value and a stronger video presence.

A great corporate video also uses a variety of elements from animation to different types of cameras and camera angles. Using a variety of methods is the best way to engage your viewers and get your message across. 

Tips for planning your next corporate video

When you begin, ask yourself what you want the audience to do, think, or feel once the video is over. Too often, people forget to think about the viewer's emotion. And don't be afraid to be funny! It is an incredibly useful and powerful tool.

Always tell a story in a clear and concise manner and don't get lost in the weeds. Have a firm conceptualization of the message that you want to convey. Try to keep the message strong and simple. Know your audience and see your story through their eyes.



Ease off of the corporate buzzwords and the technical specs, and convey to them how your topic affects them; making life easier, strengthening the community, or improving the bottom line. Set yourself apart from your competition, whether that means writing an amazing script, crafting stunning visuals, or meticulously planning a social media campaign.

Don't be afraid to take the 'corporate' out of corporate videos. Videos are effective, memorable and can illustrate complex ideas in simple ways. Nobody wants to just be talked to. Have fun with it! People will be more engaged if you seem like you are having a good time as well.

Every production needs to have great audio and great lighting. Editors can usually make the rest work as long as they have good quality bones to start with.

Plan for the expected. Plan for the unexpected. Then plan for everything else. Every shoot is its own unique bag of surprises and challenges.

Don't expect to get three days of material out of a one day shoot. Good production doesn't have to be expensive, but it does take time.

Senior leaders can be hard to pin down in terms of scheduling. When possible, book an hour with them to cover your immediate need but also allow you enough time to crank out some additional soundbites you can use for other communication initiatives. Be authentic. Employees want to hear from senior leaders and relate. When a video is edited to cover every flaw and stumble the video may come off as over-produced and you could lose some authenticity in the message.

Great ideas can flourish in a trusted relationship between the corporate communications team and video production team. Executive presenters should feel comfortable during video production, and appear authentic and confident in their delivery.

Trust the professionals.

A great corporate video has many moving pieces, but with a little help from Plum Media those pieces can move together seamlessly and beautifully.  


Originally Published 2017 - Updated in 2019

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