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“John McGivern’s Main Streets” announces debut and initial television network partners

“John McGivern’s Main Streets” is excited to announce the program debuts January 30th, 2022, on select TV networks...

Plum News & Events

Now Hiring: Innovative Media Producer

We are Hiring!

Plum News & Events

Plum Media to host blood drive Setptember 30th

The American Red Cross is asking healthy individuals to ensure blood is on the shelves this fall by donating in...

Plum News & Events

The Newest Plum Media Faces

Get to know 5 new faces who joined Plum Media in the past year

Live Events

How to choose if your next event should be in-person, virtual or hybrid

Are you considering a virtual live event? Or do you want to bring back an in-person option? Consider these factors...

Corporate Video

Tips for creating a corporate video worth watching

Creating the best corporate video involves managing many moving pieces, but with a few tips from Plum Media those...

Video Production

Do you need a Video Vendor, Relationship manager or partner for your next project?

Do you prefer to work with a 'client relationship manager' or a 'partner'? We’d prefer not to be the ones to tell you...

Live Events

Hybrid Events for in-person and virtual attendees

More companies are thinking about hybrid events. And the truth is, the concept isn’t new.

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John McGivern is back with a new TV show

Actor, comedian and TV host John McGivern is returning to local airwaves. He’s hosting a new half-hour weekly TV show...

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Happy Holidays From Plum Media

Happy Holidays and here is to a great 2021 from your friends at Plum Media.

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In-Studio Safety Protocols

Plum is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our staff, clients, freelance workers, and talent. Therefore, special...

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The 2020 Plum Media Blood Drive is November 4

2020 may have flipped everything on its head, but the need for blood donations hasn't changed.

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Plum Media wins multiple awards for BBB videos

Plum Media is excited to announce a video campaign produced for the BBB has won multiple awards.


Videoconferencing vs. Livestreaming

We break down the differences between livestreaming and videoconfercence and how to choose the best option for you.


Creating New Content with your Current Assets

Repurposing video, podcasts, and marketing materials can increase your reach and return on investment. It all starts...


Livestream Webinar: Animation and Video Solutions: Unleashed

Join Plum Media for an interactive livestream. We'll discuss ways you can incorporate video into your messaging...

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Virtual Meeting Bingo [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Make your virtual meetings more enjoyable and exciting with the Plum Media Virtual Meeting Bingo downloadable bingo...


Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

Following these virtual meeting etiquette tips can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Plum News & Events

Plum Media: Open for Business and Ready to Help

We are here to help you get through the current business climate and to succeed in any business climate.


Adding Podcasting as a Channel

Audio podcasting has clear advantages that businesses can take advantage of to get their message out.


Five Remote and Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Gathering your employees for an onsite meeting is not always feasible. Overcome travel restrictions with a live remote...

4 Questions To Ask In Pre Production to Achieve Your Campaign Goals

There are four questions you can ask before any video to help determine what needs to be done to achieve your campaign...


How to Pull off a Successful Corporate Event

What you can do to make your next corporate live event, meeting, corporate event or live event successful.


Fix it in Post: When a Video Editor Can Save Your Shot

Having a good editor on your production team can help create a flawless video for your project - even if they have to...

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[VIDEO] myFireplace - Custom Yule Log Collection (Happy Holidays from Plum!)

Imagine... fireplace videos that speak to your needs. Get yours now!

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Halloween Event Recognizes our 4th Straight “Best Places to Work” Honor

Plum Media has again been named a Milwaukee Business Journal "Best Places To Work." The 2019 award marks the 4th year...

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Happy Halloween from Plum Media [2019 Social Media Video]

This year's Halloween social media video features a set built with miniatures and shot for slow motion.


5 Ways Live Streaming Extends Your Brand

A benefit of live streaming is the thrill of immediacy. Live streaming allows your presenters to multiply that personal...

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Plum Media Annual Blood Drive October 28th

You can help to ensure blood is available for patients in need by joining Plum Media and the American Red Cross on...


Examples Of How the Plum Media production studio has been used

Plum Media is home to a 1,023 square-foot production studio capable of almost anything you can think of. And it is...

Using Video on Social Media To Promote Your Brand

Posting video on your social media channels is a great way to get people’s attention and to show off your work. You’ll...


How Planning and Budget Impacts Video Production

The amount of planning that you do and the budget that is available for your video can impact the end result - but...


How Much Does It Cost To Produce A Video?

Almost every week, I’m asked, “How much does it cost to produce a video?” And there are a few ways that we can answer...


What An Event Professional Will Want To Know When Planning Your Next Live Event

Conferences, meetings, announcements, award shows, and more all have several levels beyond the normal A/V needs....

Plum News & Events

Plum Media Wins Multiple Awards For Social Media Video

Plum Media has been awarded multiple awards for a social media video produced for Snap-on Tools to celebrate the new...


When to live stream your message

Some call it live streaming, webcast, web conference or webinar. Whatever you call it, the advantage is clear. You have...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media Wins Multiple Awards For Social Media Video (Recent Work)

Plum Media has been awarded multiple awards for a social media video produced for Snap-on Tools to celebrate the new...


How to prepare for an on-camera interview

Planning a video that will include on-camera interviews? Maybe you are the one who is being interviewed on camera. Our...

Concept Design Group uses Plum Media for live streaming interactive training webinars [Video]

With the help of Plum Media, the team broadcast a series of live webinars demonstrating application techniques; but...


It's National Bobblehead Day!

For National Bobblehead Day, we want to show off Plum Media's extensive collection. Take a look at a quick video we put...


10 Statistics to help improve your video marketing strategy in 2019

Savvy marketers use video in their campaigns. With the amount of resources being used to produce video, it is important...

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Happy New Year 2019 from Plum Media

Happy New Year 2019 from Plum Media! this year we welcome in the new year a slow motion video of your favorite holiday...

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Plum Media Team Gets Tricked Into Singing Holiday Classic

This year, a fun trick was played on the staff of Plum Media. They thought they were shooting a video related to being...


4 Things To Consider When Repurposing Your Video

Once your project is finished, that doesn't mean the footage you captured can never be used again. If you want to get...

Plum News & Events

Creative Marketing Resources videos win dotCOMM award

Plum Media was brought in by Creative Marketing Resources to tell De Jesus’ story. The video was produced by Plum...

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Behind the Scenes of our Halloween Social Media Video

You might be surprised at the amount of detail that can go into even a simple concept for a social media video...

A Look at the Plum Media State of the Art Production Studio

One of the highlights of the Plum Media building that makes it so versatile for video production is our 1000 square...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media Recognized as a "Best Places To Work" Third Year in a Row

For the third year in a row, Plum Media has been recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as one of the 2018 Best...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media to host American Red Cross Blood Drive October 30th

Plum Media will be hosting an American Red Cross blood drive at their Milwaukee location on October 30th 2018 from...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media Celebrates "Plumtoberfest"

Building and maintaining relationships is one of the cornerstones that has made Plum Media so successful over the past...

Plum News & Events

One Year At St. Paul Avenue

Plum Media has now been in our renovated office building on St Paul Avenue for one year. You know all that excitement...

Keep Your B.R.A.N.D. in mind when deciding how to create your next video [Infographic]

While technology has given us the tools to produce videos, it hasn’t transformed us all into award-winning filmmakers....

Plum News & Events

Plum Media Art Director to be Featured at Milwaukee Short Film Festival

Plum Media Art Director and Animator Aaron Johnson’s short form animated documentary Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from...

Human Resources

Recruiting tips: how to showcase your company vibe and region

Recruiting with video: As part of any good recruitment effort, there must be a strategy behind the process. First and...


Add puppets for a fresh approach to healthcare marketing

When someone mentions puppets, do you think of mayhem and explosions on "The Muppet Show?" I’ve been a puppeteer for...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media recognized for project with local breast cancer organization

Plum Media receives a 2018 Communitas Award for After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD) breast cancer awareness video....

video ROI

Take the time: the value of pre-production

When deadlines are looming, it's tempting to rush the planning process and head right into production. Resist the urge!...

Human Resources

Amp up social recruiting with live video

If you're a professional recruiter, you're no stranger to the hiring challenges in a tight job market. Cutting through...

Human Resources

10 ways to recruit more hires with video

Finding qualified candidates is getting more and more difficult. Here are 10 ways to communicate your message by adding...


Add Trevor's chili to your spring tailgate menu

Make your own Slow-Cooker Chili Con Carne for a winter warm up meal. Easy to prep in the morning and enjoy in the...

Plum Media Project to Premiere on AXS TV

Plum Media is proud to announce the premiere of a project five years in the making on one of the most influential music...

Plum News & Events

Plum Media celebrates 20th Anniversary

Plum Media reached a major milestone this year. 20 years in business, 22 employees and a vision for growth. We started...

Plum News & Events

We've arrived at 1418 W St. Paul Avenue

It feels great to be settled into our new space in the Menomonee Valley! Check out our new digs at 1418 W St Paul Ave.

Plum News & Events

Plum Media officially opens its doors in the Menomonee Valley

Plum Media has moved into its new headquarters in the Menomonee Valley! A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday...

Plum News & Events

Our clients keep asking, where's my space?

Wisconsinite has two seasons: winter and construction. Summer's in full swing and we're making great progress on the...

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20/20: Plum's favorite things about baseball season

As the Brewers prepare for their first post All-Star break series, Plum breaks down why baseball season is truly the...

Plum News & Events

Plum Takes Home The Gold in 2017 Award Season

Plum Media wins high honors at the AVA Digital Awards, The Telly Awards and the 34th Healthcare Advertising Awards in...

video ROI

How can video bring value to your business?

VIDEO: Our Plum team shares why they think video brings value to a business. Can you afford to exclude video from your...

Plum News & Events

Bobcat vs. building: demolition update

Plum HQ: It's been 2 months since our groundbreaking event at 1418 W St. Paul and it’s been incredible to watch the...

1418 W. St. Paul Building Updates

Plum breaks ground on $1.85 million facility

On March 3, President of Plum Media Rich Schmig led the ceremonial groundbreaking of Plum's new facility in Menomonee...

Plum News & Events

A cause worth celebrating

At this year’s annual Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Club Run/Walk, Plum Media employees rallied together to support a...

video ROI

Ways to measure your video's ROI 

You’ve researched the impact of video and calculated a budget. Here are a few ways to demonstrate video ROI to your...


Comparing live streaming & web conferencing for internal meetings and town halls

Learn from our experts about the benefits of choosing live streaming or web conferencing for your next virtual internal...

Plum News & Events

Plum brings an old building back to life — and we're dying to move in!

Plum is moving to the Menomonee Valley with plans to restore the old Milwaukee Casket Company into a fun, creative...

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VIDEO: Plum Counts Down to 2017!

Here’s one last video to say thank you for a great 2016 and welcome an even better 2017! Have a safe and Happy New Year...

just for fun

VIDEO: Season's Greetings from Plum!

Plum holiday party started out as a good idea. We apologize in advance for what you're about to experience... Season's...

Plum News & Events

Plum recognized as a Best Place to Work in Milwaukee

Plum is honored to be recognized as a 2016 Best Place to Work by the Milwaukee Business Journal. So what’s the secret...

Lessons in the Media World

Life experience gained during my first three weeks working at Plum Moving Media.

Capturing An Emotional Honor Flight

For a Snap-On Incorporated shoot, the Plum team flew to Washington D.C. to capture the Honor Flight experience... It...


Episodic content: give the people what they want

What if you discovered that your customers wanted to hear more from you? That's what happened to Snap-on® and why...


Profit from Episodic Content?

The possibilities for brands to create cost-effective, original programming for customers is limitless. Enter episodic...

12 Days of Bad Stock Footage | #badstock

When the need arises, our producers and designers plumb to the depths of various stock libraries to derive the best...

How to Apply the Hero-Hub-Help Video Strategy to your Corporate Communications

Rise above the corporate noise by applying the Hero-Hub-Help video strategy to your corporate communications.


The Tallest US Flagpole Goes Viral

In April, we got the call to document the construction of the tallest US flagpole at Acuity Insurance's headquarters in...

Kelly Daley's Most Memorable Interviews

Milwaukee video producer, Kelly Daley, has interviewed some amazing people over the course of his career. In this video...


5 Great Locations to Hold a Business Conference

As soon as people find out that part of my job is to produce large business conferences and meetings, they always ask...

Plum Moving Media Announces US Festival Documentary

MILWAUKEE, WI – May 7th, 2012 - ICON Television Music, Unuson Corporation and Plum Moving Media announce the making of...

Plum Moving Media Receives Awards for Video Production, Online Video & Social Media

The Milwaukee BMA 2012 Bell Awards are right around the corner! All entrants are encouraged to submit a boarded entry...

2012 BMA Bell Awards: Peer-Judged. Mom-Approved

The Milwaukee BMA 2012 Bell Awards are right around the corner! All entrants are encouraged to submit a boarded entry...

Bruce's Mini-Tribute to Apple

A fun post on Bruce's tribute to Apple and how he may have single-handedly kept them in business during the lean years....

Snap-On Rescue Rig: Electronic Torque Wrench | Snap-on

Snap-on Tools was looking for a way to promote and generate buzz around their hand tools.

Plum Continues Its Award Winning Ways

Plum Moving Media is proud to display two new trophies for highest honors from the prestigious MarCom Awards...

Inspiration from Haiti

It will take a long, long time for Haiti to climb back to what was already a meager state even before the earthquake....

Plum Wins a Freddie Award

Plum Wins a Freddie Award


Plum Media offers a full range of media production services.




When you work with Plum, you are working with a team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, recording engineers, and editors who all work together to bring your message to life. 


We have experts on staff who have experience in large scale televised or streamed events, internal corporate town halls, award shows, and everything in between. 


We think about your audience first and how to keep them engaged by combining your content – from corporate town halls to product webinars – with our live streaming experience to get results.


From podcasting to narration and everything in between, the right script and voice can make your final product stand out from the rest. The producers at Plum Media can help ... and find the music that goes along with it.

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