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Do you need a Vendor, Relationship Manager or Partner for your video?

How do you feel about someone who points out that you've got something between your teeth or a clothing tag showing?

What about someone telling you an outfit isn't your best look?

Are there people in your life who challenge you to improve or who you respect even if they don't always agree with you?

And when you need unfiltered honesty, who is your go-to?

Should business relationships be any different?

In many companies, dedicated roles like Client Manager or Relationship Manager oversee client interactions.

Consider this: once a connection is labeled a 'relationship,' shouldn't it be robust enough not to need 'managing'? Paying attention? Absolutely. But managing suggests a level of control that doesn't fit with the natural progression of a relationship.

Ideally, what starts as a client-vendor dynamic should evolve into a more collaborative client-partner relationship—and sometimes, even into a friendship. Imagine the benefits of such a relationship: a space for transparent and candid interactions where both parties can grow and improve. I suspect many would answer, 'Extremely candid.'

Of course, we all love sharing good news: announcing projects are under budget, deadlines are met, or accolades won.

That part is easy.

A true partner offers more than just the easy stuff.

What you really should seek in a partner is not just someone who will say 'yes' to everything, but a partner who will use their experience and honesty to manage your resources wisely, offer real value, listen actively, and strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

This means being ready to challenge, ask questions, express opinions, and give direct feedback. Are you ready for someone who will tell you when something isn't the best approach or when there isn't enough time to execute properly?

This level of honesty is not just valuable, it's integral to our partnership.

We value a straightforward exchange that leads to both a fulfilling process and stellar results. While we might not enjoy pointing out the less-than-perfect (like the hot pepper flake stuck between your teeth), we won't shy away from suggesting important additions—like B-roll to enhance an interview—that will significantly improve your project.

That's what you rely on us for, right? Rest assured, our candid exchanges are not meant to criticize, but to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

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