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Amp up social recruiting with live video


If you're a professional recruiter, you're no stranger to the hiring challenges in a tight job market. Cutting through the digital noise to attract the right talent can seem impossible – which is why you want to consider adding live video to the mix.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, and if you want to attract the attention of those future leaders ages 18 to 37, you need to meet them where they hang out. Social media.

A live video with a friendly face welcoming them to your company makes a big impression. You quickly convey authenticity and an engaging company culture. Here are a few ways you can incorporate it into your social recruiting mix.

Host a virtual job fair

Try using live video to promote a job fair. Or better yet, host a virtual one! Determine an agenda for the day and include special segments. You might kick off the event with a pre-recorded company overview video followed by a live Q&A session with the CEO. Another segment might focus on the working environment, unique perks and a tour of the office. Provide viewers the opportunity to submit questions, and be sure to answer them live during the program. By including a mix of pre-recorded and live video, you'll keep candidates engaged, while inspiring them to submit a job application.

Meet the team

Need more ideas? Take a tip directly from the Facebook recruiting team. They hosted a 60-minute chat with recruiters and encouraged fellow HR professionals to learn more about job opportunities at the company. Bronwyn White, international director of recruiting, did an excellent job kicking off the conversation via chat comments submitted by viewers. The panel candidly discussed HR challenges, opportunities and what made recruiting at Facebook such a great experience. Speaking of great experience, this professionally-produced livestream did an awesome job switching between multiple camera angles and incorporating on-screen graphics – no iPhone video here!

Schedule regular announcements

One easy way to go live is to host a regularly-scheduled announcement covering new and existing positions. This 15-minute broadcast could start with a quick overview of job openings, followed by a Q&A session with a hiring manager to highlight those high-priority roles. If the event is a regularly-scheduled feature on Facebook or YouTube, job seekers are more likely to follow your page or subscribe to the channel.

Highlight your company culture

Millennials value a good company culture, and according to a 2016 study by Fidelity Investments®, they'd be willing to take an average pay cut of $7,600 if it translated to improved "quality of work life." One way to highlight this is by showcasing your corporate social responsibility efforts. If you have a company-wide volunteer day, consider doing a livestream and encourage family, friends and local communities to participate. Cross promote the event on your career channels, and consider it a win-win for public relations and HR!

While the accessibility of live streaming is only an iPhone tap away, keep in mind that the quality of your production is a reflection of your company. If you're intentional about conveying your company's message with professionalism, you'll rise above the digital noise in social feeds around the world.

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