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Plum Media: Open for Business and Ready to Help

Laura McElree

Written by Laura McElree

Working with Plum, you already know we always have a Plan B in our back pocket, and in some cases, a Plan C and Plan D.

Remote communication is becoming more and more important. Plum has services in place to help you connect with your employees and your customers at this time.

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Live Streaming

You may not have to cancel your event. Go virtual and live stream with interactive features that still allow you to connect with each other.

Remote and Virtual Meeting Management & Set-up

Keeping your team productive is going to be important – and technology should help them. We can help you avoid technical pitfalls.

Content Creation & Consultation

From camera placement to presentation design, we can show you how to best present your information in an online environment.

Podcast/Audio Production

Delivering your message in an audio form is an easy and quick way to engage with your remote audience.

Brainstorming Creative Solutions

Each business has unique challenges. We have years of expertise coming up with solutions, and have many ideas to overcome travel restrictions or health concerns.


We are here to help you get through the current business climate and to succeed in any business climate. Our producers are only a short phone call away to help you in any way we can.

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Plum Media offers a full range of media production services.




When you work with Plum, you are working with a team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, recording engineers, and editors who all work together to bring your message to life. 


We have experts on staff who have experience in large scale televised or streamed events, internal corporate town halls, award shows, and everything in between. 


We think about your audience first and how to keep them engaged by combining your content – from corporate town halls to product webinars – with our live streaming experience to get results.


From podcasting to narration and everything in between, the right script and voice can make your final product stand out from the rest. The producers at Plum Media can help ... and find the music that goes along with it.

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