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Recruiting tips: showcase your company culture with video


As part of any good recruitment effort, there must be a strategy behind the process. As you start, prioritize a few areas you want to focus on. First and foremost, a recruiting video should communicate what's unique about your company through the office, people and location.

SHOWCASE: The office environment

Some would argue the most important aspect of recruiting is to show a company’s office space. That means the camera should capture cubicles, employees' desks, collaboration spaces and any other unique areas within your organization that may set you apart from the competition. By firmly keeping the focus on the company, you give potential candidates a glimpse of what life is like on the inside.

Perks of the job: Make sure a part of the video speaks to the benefits of working for said company. If you offer childcare, a gym, a café – make sure to mention it. Perks on the job go a long way to help a company stay competitive.

Plum Media was recognized by The Milwaukee Business Journal for being one of Southeast Wisconsin's coolest offices. Plum Media Writer/Producers, Emily Annunziata and Bryce Richards, created a video to showcase our space.  

SHOWCASE: The People

Not only do you want to showcase a company, but also its employees. Candid comments from the current workforce gives potential employees perspective on a position, career advancement opportunities and overall company culture.

Give viewers a glimpse at potential co-workers: interview employees to show future job candidates the personalities and character of potential colleagues.

Plum Media Writer/Producer, Kelly Daley has created a variety of recruiting videos over the years. He says,

“Viewers want to see people who have the positions and opportunities they want to have someday soon. That’s the power of video. The viewer can see what your workplace looks like. Most importantly, candidates can learn about your culture from people who are living it.”


SHOWCASE: Live, work, play

UW Credit Union crew: Producer, Kelly DaleyDirector of Photography, Bob GregoryEditor, Jay Cederholm
For a full version of the UW Credit Union video click here.


If you’re trying to recruit employees nationally or globally, selling qualified candidates on your location becomes even more important. Think outside your four walls and go beyond your corporate headquarters. Refocus your lens on what else motivates a person to move for a job. A city. But, before you set out to feature the fun that can be had after the work is done, you must first examine the type of candidate you're trying to recruit. Then feature those places that speak to their habits, age and lifestyle.

  • Capture the Culture: Get video footage of places and parks that really says a lot about the feel or energy of a city. Feature cool places to shop, eat, or hike. 
  • Hidden Gems: Include video of notable landmarks and amazing architecture. If these hot spots interest you, chances are they will spark interest in others. Highlight marquee festivals, farmer’s markets, hip neighborhoods and maybe even a dog park. All these places can help potential job candidates visualize themselves relocating to your city, town, or village.
  • Traffic & Transit: How easy is it to get around? As fewer young people have driver's licenses, an interconnected transit system becomes a more important selling point for them. Feature bike share programs and trails, as well as light rail and even possibly bus routes to show the overall accessibility of a city. If you're recruiting someone who may prefer large lawns and high ranked schools, you may want to showcase easy access parking in your community.
  • Best Light: Decide early on when best to capture footage of your city in the best light. Some would argue certain cities like Milwaukee shine brighter in the summer and fall seasons. However, some people love everything winter in Wisconsin offers, from ice skating to skiing to racing a snowmobile. It's best to take a cue from your audience here and decide what season speaks to those you're recruiting.

By showing a mix of company culture, as well as the fun things to do outside of work, you’re subtly promoting a work/life balance to prospective employees. You’re also selling them on your location and above all else, a job at your company. 

Key takeaways

Recruitment videos are becoming more popular due to their ability to attract more job seekers, especially those just entering the job market or who have a few years under their belt. Recruiting videos can easily share company culture with prospective hires, but they can also show candidates the potential of a job and the city where it’s headquartered.

Bottom line, having a recruiting video is a valuable tool to have in your toolbox when it comes time to finding qualified candidates. Quality is key. Low production value will only illustrate a lack of investment in future hires. In a world of distractions, video is an easy way to grab job seekers’ attention. Video is not only essential in reaching today’s skilled workforce, but business leaders as well as your future C-suite.

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Originally published in 2018. Last updated 2022