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10 ways to recruit more hires with video


Stocks are surging, unemployment is low and the economy is looking up. Great news for our investments and retirement funds, but busy times for headhunters, human resources professionals and college recruiters. Finding qualified candidates is getting even more difficult. A great way to get started, to communicate your unique message, is to add video to your recruitment efforts.

Determine your audience

Are you trying to reach millennials who have a few years under their belt in the job market or would you rather fill your entry-level positions with a Generation Z-er who is just coming of age and graduating from college or technical school? Are you looking for veterans who have a whole host of skills? First off, figure out what type of candidate you’re trying to attract. 

Where your video lives is just as important as the video itself 

Will your video be featured on a company website or at a job fair? What social media platforms do your prospective candidates frequent the most? Does your company have an Instagram or Facebook page? Will you tweet your recruitment video or share it on LinkedIn? Social media helps amplify your message. Don’t forget it. Decide fairly early on where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. 

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Set yourself apart from the competition

A well-crafted recruitment video is a great way to show and tell your unique story. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It's an easy way to attract prospective employees or students and can help kick-start the conversation. Plus, it shows you’re invested in them. 

Keep it short and sweet

Videos don’t need to be long to be effective. A one-minute video can be more effective than a two-minute video because it fits a viewer's attention span. Regardless of how long a video is, it must hold our attention. 


Let’s be honest. We rarely open a video as we’re scrolling our Facebook feed. If you want us to watch your video, please be kind, don’t rewind, just subtitle it.

Perks please

Gym on site? Awesome. Yoga during lunch hour? Millennials would love that. Flexible work schedule? Busy parents will thank you. School drop-off and pick-up doesn’t always coincide with that conference call. Stock options, 401k, profit sharing? These things matter, as do the unique things that set you apart from the competition. Don't forget to include them.

Show me the sights

Show your work space and the neighborhood. Qualified job candidates want to visualize what it would be like to work in your office and live in the city that they may call home. There are many creative ways to do this.

Room to grow

Does your company have career advancement opportunities? How about face time with senior leadership? If so, tell your candidates about it. Job candidates want a career that will grow with them.

Show real employees

Show a variety of employees. Sorry boss, but job seekers don’t want to see an entire video from your perspective. What does your team think about the company? Prospective candidates want to learn more about the people they could be working with. Feature real employees, not actors.

Speak to the camera

Job candidates want to feel a personal connection. Whenever possible have employees look at the lens and speak to the camera. It gives the impression that they're having a conversation with the viewer. 

Plum Media has more than 20 years experience crafting successful recruitment videos. If you have a story to tell, we have an idea or two on how best to convey your company's message through video. 

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