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Choosing a college is no easy task. Primarily, you want to ensure your money is well spent. Secondly, when the time comes, you want a school to stand out on your resume as you enter the job market or continue your career path. Plum Media values education and was honored to show prospective students their investment is well worth the money at Wisconsin's own Concordia University.

Plum created two videos for the private liberal arts college located in Mequon, just beyond Milwaukee County. We interviewed faculty from the School of Education and the Batterman School of Business, as well as alumni. Each video had its own unique style, but both were designed to showcase the importance of getting a quality education now, for the betterment of your future. 

Six interviews were conducted for the School of Education video and a variety of b-roll was shot all over campus over the course of two days.

"We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to capture content at Concordia University. The sun was shining and the waters were calm on Lake Michigan, providing a picturesque background to showcase the school, the staff, and why students absolutely love it here," Producer Sophie Stickelmaier said. 

Both videos were geared towards prospective graduate students looking to earn their advanced degrees. Another initiative was to show future students how Concordia can prepare them to be qualified and certified teachers in the classroom. Students were a big part of these video projects. Plum interviewed several graduates who have already found incredible success after completing their advanced degrees at Concordia.

The second video Plum created for Concordia had an entirely different approach. It focused on what differentiates Concordia from other higher education institutions. The Dean of the school explained the fundamental reasons why Concordia stands out among students. The Plum production crew admitted the 3-4 minute video had a different set of challenges, but ones they were excited to take on.

"Since we didn't have multiple interviews like the School of Education video, our editor, Jay Cederholm, had to get creative when it came to graphics and he did a great job conveying the main points," Stickelmaier said. 

By showcasing some of the attributes that make Concordia unique, the Plum team was able to deliver the facts while incorporating breathtaking b-roll of the campus and Lake Michigan. These two productions are great examples of how Plum is able to use various editing styles in order to meet the needs of their clients.

Michael Sapiro, Assistant Vice President of University Marketing, said, “We had need of a partner who could share our creative vision and execute on it, without burdening our team with excessive amount of oversite. Plum hit that sweet spot for us. You can trust them to bring a project to fruition on time, on budget, and aligned with your unique vision.”



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