Decoding Video Production For Your Business

Videos are a powerful way to promote your business.

Depending on your business goals, the seemingly endless options of incorporating video can be overwhelming. CloseUp helps break down those options, so you can invest your money where it’s worth it. Tune in every other week as we discuss video production best practices with industry experts.


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Video Production Terms Explained

We dive into the video vernacular and explains it in common terms. This is CloseUp: Decoding video production for your...


Using Video with Your PPC Campaigns

When you finish a video, it's often posted online. But what happens next? Does it get the views and attention it...


4 ways to turn old videos into new ones

Recycling existing video is a thing? Yes – in fact, it's a wise and well-used strategy. We lay out four options to help...


Animation for Video Production

Animation is a great way to tell your story without having to worry about the limitations of the real world.


The Client's Perspective with Andi Kneeland

Andi Kneeland joined us to talk about her experience with video production as a marketing communications professional.


Social Media Videos

A good social media campaign takes careful planning. We discuss social media best practices/best practices when it...

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Three Questions You Should Ask Before Starting Your Video

Learn the three questions you should ask before even picking up a camera. In this episode, Laura and Rhonda will help...

Budgeting Video

Episode 2: What Does a Video Cost

How much will a video cost me? We interviewed our video producers to explain why and to shed some light on what factors...


Episode 1: Why Create an Audio Podcast on Video?

Listen in as Laura answers that very question and gets us started on decoding video production for your business.


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