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Episode 1: Why Create an Audio Podcast on Video?

CloseUp: Decoding Video Production For Your Business

We know what you’re thinking. Why do an audio podcast on video? Trust us. It makes more sense than you’d think. Listen in as Laura answers that very question and gets us started on decoding video production for your business.



Video is a big deal right now. Chances are you've heard the stats to back it up like reports Cisco put out that said 79% of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2022. Or then there's the one that said 13% of all traffic will be people watching live video in the next two years.

We know video has an impact in buyer behavior. Think with Google has said that more than half of consumers use online video to decide which brand or product to buy. As a marketing and communications professional, you probably know that you should be using video. But you might be unsure of is what works and where to invest your budget. That's where this podcast comes in.

It's all about explaining the process so you can make informed decisions the next time you incorporate video into your next campaign. Welcome to CloseUp: Decoding Video Production for Your Business. My name is Laura McElree, and I'll be your host as we invite industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise of the video production process.

One of the first questions received when this project was started was the question of why do an audio podcast on video. And that's because a lot of what goes into video production happens before you turn the camera on. It's more about problem-solving, strategizing. Because when you boil down the process to its basics, using video production for business means having a knowledgeable partner who knows your business and has creative ideas to accomplish a critical piece of a broader strategy. That's how we're going to look at video production.

In fact, you probably won't hear us talk much about the tools used to accomplish different types of videos. Cameras, software, and other tools are always changing and evolving. And staying on top of just that, that's a different podcast in and of itself.

You know your workflow and what works for your company. Our goal is that no matter how you get your videos produced for your business, you should be able to use the concepts we'll be talking about to improve the quality of your videos. We'll even take your questions. So, if there's ever something that you want to know, shoot us an email. You can reach the show by emailing

In our next podcast, I'll be joined by video producers who have over 20 years of experience and have done over 1000 videos over the course of their career. It's safe to say they've seen just about everything. And they'll help us answer the most common question video producers get. What is my video going to cost? There's a lot of choices and options, and we'll help explain how those impact cost.

This is CloseUp: Decoding Video Production for Your Business. Remember to subscribe to get notified when there are new episodes. And if you like what you hear, leave a review. CloseUp is produced by Plum Media. Learn more and get access to bonus materials at I'm Laura McElree. Thanks for listening.