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Fix it in Post: When a Video Editor Can Save Your Shot

A video editor can help weave your story together in a way that captivates an audience. While we don't advocate fixing your video in the post production segment of making a video (it's so much more efficient if a shot is captured correctly the first time) - It's always good to know that you're editor can handle any task thrown at them.

Here is a story from one of our producers about a time they needed one of our editors to "fix it in post."

I was sitting comfortably in one of our edit rooms watching a nearly-finished video case study when I noticed something disturbing. In the background of an interview subject –right by his shoulder--there was a woman furiously fanning herself with a piece of paper.

All I could think of was: Are you kidding me? I can't cut this sound bite. This is one of the best quotes in the entire piece! Covering it with b-roll isn't an option either.

I got out of my chair to get a closer look. No doubt about it. The Furious Fanner was in the background. Blurry, but definitely distracting.

My client and I didn't notice it during the production shoot because we were in a public location and there were lots of people milling in the background. Now that we're editing the video in post-production, we have a problem. Or do we?

It turns out our video editors (Eric, Jay, & Kevin) can work all kinds of magic. Because we shot on a tripod, we were able to cut out the Furious Fanner and paste in a "patch" from a section of the video before she showed up.

Headshot of Executive with Distracting Person in Background

Headshot of executive with distracting person removed from backgroundWhen I see the flawless results, I always feel like a fairy-dust sound effect is in order. [SFX-zing!]

Editors also fix audio stumbles and outright misspoken words that are only discovered after the fact. They can crop out images of safety violations and work with our graphic artists to clean up smudgy chrome or add dramatic lighting to the darkest frames.

I'm not an advocate of fix-it-in-post. I'd prefer to control every detail during production. But it's nice to work with a group of skilled video editors and graphic artists who can find a way to solve even the most disturbing post-production dilemmas.


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