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Bruce's Mini-Tribute to Apple

Bruce’s Mini-Tribute to Apple

Bruce GibbBruce Gibb | Partner - Producer/Writer/Director

I’ll admit it. I drank the Apple Kool-Aid. It would probably be fair to say that I may have single- handedly kept Apple in business during the lean years (1996-97). Despite the fact Apple never recognized my contribution, I kept most of my Macs. I’m glad I did. They’re now proudly on display.

For the Apple aficionado, a trip to my office is a trip down memory lane. From the 1985 Macintosh Plus to the MacAir on my desk there’s a Mac (sorry, no Apple II’s) from most every generation of processors. The rarest piece is the Lisa – the business computer that flopped. Of course, as all good Mac-heads from the late 90’s would testify, no collection would be complete without the Newton Message Pad, the StyleWriter printer or the infamous Wall Street G3 laptop with the upside-down apple on the lid – it’s all there.

The museum is open during normal business hours, so come on down and take a peak. But beware, you may encounter an abundance of Mac-speak. And... you are required to share your favorite Mac story. PC users are welcome, but for them, there is an admission.