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When to live stream your message

Laura McElree

Written by Laura McElree

Laura has always had a passion for broadcast production and mass communications. While attending the University of Wisconsin Platteville for Communication Technologies Management, Laura put her broadcast emphasis to work immediately through an internship at a local radio station. Her internship led to weekend work which eventually landed her a full-time gig working as a radio announcer and producer for local commercial spots. She would spend the next 12 years in the radio industry, growing increasingly more interested in the digital marketing and communications side of the business. Laura eventually landed at a local software startup in the Milwaukee area before coming to Plum. There are a lot of similarities between digital and content marketing and the content that I created for radio. Both require concise messages that are delivered to an audience that might be distracted. Figuring out what resonates with an audience and what information they find useful is part of a larger puzzle. My job isn't to sell a product, it's helping people find solutions to their problems. I'm excited to be in a spot where I can help businesses get their message in front of the right audience and the right time.

Are you trying to organize a company meeting with people in different cities, states or even countries? Do you have a timely message that every employee should hear? Consider live streaming your meeting. It connects people in real time when face-to-face isn’t an option.

What is live streaming?  

Live streaming is a live broadcast over the internet. Some call it a webcast, web conference or webinar. Whatever you call it, the advantage is clear. You have the ability to reach large audiences that may be scattered around the world.

From an audience size, live streaming is entirely scalable – you could reach several dozen viewers or tens of thousands. Your message is also delivered in a way that best represents your company or brand. It doesn’t matter if they’re at their desk or on a mobile device, the live streaming experience is flexible and keeps people engaged. It becomes a cost-effective way for corporations, organizations, non-profits and associations to tell their stories to thousands of people.

When to use live streaming

There are a number of factors that make live streaming the best option.

  • Your message is urgent or timely.
  • The audience is large or dispersed geographically.
  • You want increased interactivity and immediate audience feedback.
  • You need to add a remote interview or live element to an already-planned company meeting.

Do-it-yourself is an option, but why risk it? Live streaming professionals add creative solutions and a level of expertise to enable a flawless event.

Beyond basic slide presentations and a web camera, you can boost viewer engagement with graphics, animations and videos. Adding multiple cameras increases the energy and pacing of your broadcast, and studio lighting literally puts you and your brand in the best light. 

Having a partner such as Plum Media on your team can help. Our award-winning team of video and live event professionals are experts in broadcasting and live streaming with a proven track record of success. We can help you successfully stream your message by assisting with both the technology and content of your message.

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