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20/20: Plum's favorite things about baseball season

Brewers excitement reaches a fever pitch as the crew try to maintain the top spot in the National League Central Division following the All-Star break. The Plum team breaks down why baseball season is truly the best time of year.

1."My favorite things about baseball season are the tailgate parties... and the bratwurst!" -Rhonda Patzlsberger

2. "It's also golf season! That means it's warm outside and while I cheer for the Brewers, I've never been a huge baseball fan. Give me a good men's NCAA basketball game any time!" -Gary Cline

3. "Baseball season means summer. A great time to go out and enjoy camping and kayaking!" -Eric Conley

4. "The fun and camaraderie that comes along with summer sports is unbeatable." -Kevin Petajan

5. "It signals the height of summertime... a welcomed thought!"-Jay Cederholm

6. "Biking, camping, hiking, weekend road trips and being as far away from the television as possible." - Bob Gregory

7. "Tailgating and Strawberry Long Islands from TGI Fridays." -Angela DePons

8. "What's not to love about baseball? Summer, the Detroit Tigers, tailgate parties, the Detroit Tigers, an always-surprising game of strategy, being with friends, the Detroit Tigers, beer and brats, oh, and did I mention the Detroit Tigers?!" -Gael Garbarino Cullen

9. "Hot dogs and Old Style, south of the Wisconsin border..." -Nicole Gates

10."Summer is here! The average Wisconsin winter is usually long and rough, and baseball season is a signal that summer is here." -Jason Klappa

11. "My favorite thing is seeing how much my wife and son love the Brewers. I'm a big fan of the stadium sauce." -Chad D'Acquisto

12. "Baseball season guarantees that I’ll get to spend many beautiful summer nights watching (and photographing) my son playing little league." -Aaron Johnson

13. "The further we get into summer, the easier it is to bike to work (for those of us who aren’t Kelly), go to outdoor concerts, and take my dog on long hikes. It's also easier to make an outdoor video- let’s go shoot something!" -Ken Schellin

14. "Baseball can be a bit slow so I love drinking a beer and just chatting while the game is happening in the background."-Trevor Wright

15. "The boys of summer means sunshine and warm weather in Wisconsin. Not much is better than lazy days on the water, in my backyard or at the ballpark listening to Bob Uecker call the game." -Amy Freeze

16. "I love hanging out at a ballgame with my sons. Everything slows down. Order is restored. A day at the ballpark just has a wonderful rhythm." -Kelly Daley

17. "I can't say that I actively follow baseball but I do enjoy going to games with my family. It's fun to participate in traditions like shelling peanuts, catching fly balls and rooting for The Famous Racing Sausages." -Katie Raebel

18. "...listening to Bob Uecker. I don't know what I'll do when he's not on the air anymore." -Patrice Nault

19."Warm weather, the smell of fresh-cut lawns, beer, tailgating, boating, Brewers in the World Series... Did I mention beer? (Beer I can get, the World Series might be a while...)" -Rich Schmig

20. "My favorite thing about Baseball season is when it ends so people can turn their full attention to more important things like football." -Lance Miller

Whether you're a true sports fan or not, I think we can all agree that some pretty wonderful things happen at the height of baseball season.

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