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Episodic content: give the people what they want

I used to watch "Lost" every week. Couldn’t wait for the next "30 Rock." And when the next episode from "Glove & Boots" appears on YouTube, you know I’ll devour it right away.

Episodic content is addictive. We get comfortable with the characters, locations and format in a particular show, and we want more!


Profit from Episodic Content?

  • Katie Raebel
  • Apr 29, 2016 12:02:00 AM
  • episodic
2005 was an awesome year. I had graduated college two years prior and was starting my production career with great ambition. That year, iTunes introduced podcasting and YouTube had launched, quickly gaining traction. To say that I was psyched on where the video industry was heading is an understatement. Fast forward ten years and -- wow. The possibilities for brands to create cost-effective, original programming for customers is limitless. Enter episodic content. 

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