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4 Things To Consider When Repurposing Your Video

Reuse video

When a video project is finished, don’t let all that great footage you just captured collect dust! If you want to get the most bang for your buck, repurpose that media in other places.

For this example, let's say you created a fantastic video for an award ceremony or luncheon. These videos are a great way to "wow" the crowd and get their attention - but that's not their only use. Those videos can be repurposed and used in other media channels like social media sites or your own website.

Consider All Your Channels

Think about all the places where you use video. Social media and your website are obvious locations. When you dig deeper into your day-to-day marketing activities, you can often uncover other opportunities to also use your video. 

Those repurposed videos can be helpful in future trade shows or product launches. This will help you reach a broader audience with just one project.

It can also help create a connection or motivate your employees at your next company-wide meeting.

Consider sales and thought leadership presentations. If a video has been already made with the goal to educate and invoke or inspire an emotional response to your product or company - what better way to motivate staff internally.

Use Individual Parts

It's not just the video, but the graphic elements within the video that be useful down the road. Consider having your company logo animated for the video, or having a custom intro or outro created. Afterward that piece can be used anywhere - from Facebook to PowerPoint. You can even use it as part of your branding package to give your brand a more polished look. It is truly a useful tool.

Don't Overlook the Overshoot

While shooting a video, it's so important to capture every angle available. While it might not be used in your final product, it might come in handy on a later date.

Taking short b-roll clips or interviews from larger videos can come in handy for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

People love to see behind the scenes. Putting a GoPro on something like a customer truck or building will capture those "action shots" or those "behind-the-scenes glimpses" of a shoot. The shots might hit the cutting room floor when it comes to the final product - but they can be used for social media campaigns.

Outtakes are another great way to show some of your personality in short bursts, while also drawing attention to the final video. Even still images are a great way to explain what you are doing and can be used to start drawing attention to your project.

Here is an example of a behind the scenes image we took for social media while creating another social media video for National Coffee Day. 


Shorten for Social Media

Using quick 15 second clips in posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can be really engaging. It gives the viewer a fun, unique look at the product. It can also generate thousands of hits. These quick clips can be used as stand-alone posts, or as stories on Instagram and Facebook.


When a project is done, and a video has aired, think of what can happen next. There are plenty of uses for it in various media channels to gain the attention of other audiences. This is how you get more bang for your video buck.


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