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What An Event Professional Will Want To Know When Planning Your Next Live Event

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There are a lot of things to coordinate when it comes to hosting a live event. Conferences, meetings, announcements, award shows, and more all have several levels beyond the normal A/V needs. When they’re all managed well, your event can be more successful. Getting help from an event professional like Plum Media can help manage those details.



Knowing a few key details early in the planning process can help you and your event partner plan a successful event. Keep these key points in mind.

Identify the goal of the event

Knowing your end result can help decide the details of the event. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

  • What is the key message or takeaway from the event?
  • Is this a one-time event or a series of regular events?
  • Are you creating awareness, generating excitement, educating, promoting, or selling?
  • What should your audience think, feel, or do during and after the event?
  • Are you considering a mobile app or other engagement strategies such as streaming?

Target Your Audience

Once you know what the goal of your event is, take a look at who is going to be there. This will help with deciding how to best deliver your message.

  • Are you speaking to internal employees or external customers?
  • How many attendees do you expect to reach?
  • Will there be breakout sessions in addition to a general session?
  • Are you considering a mobile app or other engagement strategies?

Know the Numbers

Your budget plays a large part in what can – and cannot – be accomplished with your event. Being honest and upfront with the budget you have to work with will allow your live event partner to best utilize resources to make your message shine in the best possible light.

Start Focusing on Specifics

Now that you have a broad idea of what you want the event to accomplish and who you want to reach, it is time to focus on the specific details of your events. This can include:

  • What is the date and time of the event?
  • How many hours or days?
  • Who are the presenters, experts, that need to be part of the event and do they need to be available for rehearsals?
  • What other resources will be required?
  • How many people will be involved in the approval process?


Corporate Events Stage Set up

These are just a few of the many things that our live events experts focus on when assisting clients help with their events. Being extremely organized during the entire planning process will also help with any unforeseen or unexpected last-minute changes.

For a more in depth look at planning an event and the information your event partner will want to know, download our 17-page Live Events Planning and Budget Guide.

DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE live event planning and budget guide

Live Event Services

When it comes to live events and corporate meetings, Plum Media offers a wide variety of services including:

  • Event Planning & Logistics
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Presentation Design
  • Advanced Audio/Video Support

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