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Plum Welcomes Our Newest Team Member

Mazie Baldus

Welcome Mazie Baldus - Digital Media Associate 

Plum is thrilled to have Mazie Baldus join our team. With having gone to school at Marquette University for Digital Media and Journalism, she has talents and interests revolving all around her studies. During her university days, she gained experience from working as a Production Director for Marquette's Student Media: MUTV. Then, she interned for us during the fall of 2021. She was able to meet the team, experience what we do and how we work.

After graduation, Mazie worked for TMJ4 as a Studio Technician and News Cast Director. She then traveled back to Plum to work as our new Digital Media Associate. As a new member, she is already making big strides to be part of our big productions such as season two of Main Streets, the start of Good Things Brewing and others. We are more than exited to have her back on our team! 


"I use my creativity and enthusiasm to drive my passion for making stories come to life on the big screen."