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Examples Of How the Plum Media production studio has been used


Plum Media is home to a 1,023 square-foot studio capable of almost anything you can think of. And it is available to rent for those looking for space for their next project.

infomercial video production set

The studio is known for being a top choice in town for shooting interviews and product demonstrations, but the possibilities for other uses are nearly endless. When using the studio space, you are free to bring in your own equipment, or you may also utilize the experienced staff and our range in house of equipment at Plum.


Projects the Studio Has Been Used For (so far)

Here’s a list of ways we have used the studio in the past:

  • Live streams and webinars
  • Fundraising and launch videos for organizations
  • Photo shoots (just look at some of our staff photos online)
  • Political ads
  • Transformed into a Northwoods cabin for a beer advertisement
  • Camera and equipment tutorials
  • social media posts for holidays (Halloween), champagne, etc
  • A large, 3-camera shoot with projections onto the walls
  • Shrinking a man to play a life-sized board game
  • Santa’s Workshop (with dog elves!)
  • Producing an infomercial
  • Pre-recording opening videos for live events
  • Television commercials and parodies
  • Professional sports promotions
  • Live animal and pet shoots
  • Working kitchen for cooking demonstrations
  • Late-night and talk show setups
  • Sets made to look like working offices
  • Shoots of massive mechanical parts
  • Charity promotions
  • And hundreds of other video projects

Interview Studio Set

If you need a space for your next event, promotion, or interview, take advantage of everything our studio has to offer. We can accommodate large load-ins with our overhead door and hydraulic lift, and our lighting grid can be arranged to fit your specifications. We look forward to overcoming any challenge presented (so long as it abides both the laws of physics and those of the state of Wisconsin).


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