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Creating New Content with your Current Assets

Repurposing video, podcasts, and marketing materials can increase your reach and return on investment. It all starts with a story.

Storytelling [ stawr-ee-tel-ing, stohr- ] noun: the telling or writing of stories.

Storytelling is the way our brains understand and remember things. That’s why storytelling is so important in our communications and marketing messages – more so now, than ever. Marketing matters and businesses are well aware of this. Employees are working tirelessly to keep their company’s social media pipeline full of content to sell services, a product, or even a process. However, hurdles exist – mainly a lack of marketing materials and even budget constraints.

There are some simple solutions to getting your company’s narrative in front of fresh eyes, without breaking the bank. One of the most efficient ways to create new video content is to repurpose what you already have – your marketing and communications assets.

Marketing Assets

  • Logo
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio Recordings (such as podcasts, web-conferencing meetings, live streams)
  • Brochures, Blog Posts, Sales Materials

Utilizing Marketing Assets

Some companies and organizations have an abundance of marketing assets. This may consist of professional images of your people, your product, or your place of business. This is a great starting place for your video. These assets can be used in creative ways to create video messaging to reach your desired audience.

If you’ve been investing in high-quality footage over the years, you have more than you think. Here at Plum, any video we've captured for you in the past lives in our archives. We can restore it and repurpose it to serve your needs now.

You essentially have your own stock footage library to tap into every time you launch a new marketing campaign. Let’s sit down and talk about your message and goals - maybe we can reuse that footage or interview in a new way.

Marketing Assets Combined with Creative

Marketing assets can be used in combination with other creative content to create a personalized video quickly and efficiently.

Creative Tools

  • Animation
  • Stock Images & Footage
  • Public Domain Images, Video & Audio

The goal in producing any good video using stock footage is to make it look authentic. We do this through customization of your logo, font, and any marketing materials that may be relevant to your business and overall brand. Animation is a good fit for certain projects, because it’s so flexible and scalable.

No Marketing Assets?

Many small businesses, non-profits, or new upstarts may not yet have marketing materials. We can work with you on that, too. With a solid script and good vision for your video, anything is possible. Plum Media will work with you to determine what your main messaging is and how we can go about achieving this.

Case in point - the Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP). As a non-profit with limited resources and employees, they envisioned a video series to commemorate their 20th Anniversary of their formation. They also wanted people to not only see the valley’s transformation and growth, but to experience it.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years in the Menomonee River Valley. The waterways are cleaner. Native species have returned. Walking, biking, and hiking trails have been carved out of the landscape. Businesses, breweries, and restaurants have relocated to the area. Exciting employment opportunities now exist. The Menomonee Valley has become a destination for all ages to play, explore, and earn a family sustaining wage. This video series, which utilized images and video from valley businesses, VISIT Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee Public Library’s archives demonstrates that.

Menomonee Valley Partners 20th Anniversary Series

Play in the Valley

Explore Nature in the Valley

20 Years of Transformation: Then & Now

Find a Job in Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley

When you start brainstorming and throwing ideas at the wall, the message will often lend itself to a certain approach. If you have a new product to sell, a splashy video is a great way to get attention all over social media. If your executive wants to get a message out to customers, a professional-looking video conveys that.

Communication calms nerves, keeps lines open, serves to inform your clients, or employees. The question comes down to what message do you want to get out there? That hasn’t changed. And, no matter what your budget, it can’t hurt to give Plum a call and chat. We create solutions every day for clients.