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Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

virtual meeting etiquette

Being a part of a virtual meeting is a different experience than face-to-face communication – especially if it’s your face on camera. Just like a meeting in a conference room, there are some etiquette tips that can make your next virtual meeting more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Clean up your windows

No, not your home office windows. We’re talking about the windows and programs on your computer. Close everything that is not critical to your meeting because they could affect the performance of your streaming experience.

Mute your smartphone

Just like any other meeting, your phone’s notifications will be distracting at best and annoying at worst to anyone else on the stream. If you’re on your laptop webcam, set that phone aside.

Don’t multitask

Unlike an audio conference call, you can’t hide what you’re doing. You’re on camera. People can see that you’re texting or checking email just as if you were together in a conference room.

Speak clearly into the microphone

We’ve all been on a call where everyone is on speaker phone and no one can hear. The same applies to video calls. Know where your microphone is on your laptop and be near it. Better yet, plug in an external mic so people can hear you clearly.

Place your camera at eye level

Take a few minutes to position your web camera or laptop camera at eye level to avoid unflattering or distracting camera angles. 

Pay attention to your appearance

Check yourself in the camera. You may be working remotely, but now is not the time to appear unprofessional. Make sure you are dressed as appropriately as if this were an in-person meeting.

Pay attention to your surroundings

What’s behind you? Choose your backdrop carefully so it isn’t a distraction to others. Be sure you don’t look like a dark silhouette in front of a bright window. Keep your light source in front of you, not behind you.

Incorporate some fun into it

Lighten up a little. Virtual meetings can be a new concept, so be patient as team members figure out the meeting technology. Set aside the first few minutes to introduce everyone and their locations. Making the best of the situation will also help the moral of your team.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is a learning curve to successfully leading a virtual meeting. Working with a trusted partner can help you avoid technology pitfalls and keep your team focused on content, not on glitches. Plum Media has scalable services to connect you with your employees and customers in a way that helps.

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