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Hybrid Events

More companies are thinking about hybrid events. And the truth is, the concept isn’t new. Plum Media has years of experience delivering content simultaneously to both virtual and in-person audiences ranging from town halls to product launches. 

Here is how we do it.

Hybrid Events for in-person and virtual attendees

Emily Annunziata

Written by Emily Annunziata

When in-person events came to a screeching halt in 2020, those ballroom meetings suddenly pivoted to virtual. And hybrid events – where one audience is in-person and the other is virtual – was a distant dream. Now that’s changing. More companies are thinking about hybrid. And the truth is, the concept isn’t new.

Plum Media has years of experience delivering content simultaneously to both virtual and in-person audiences ranging from town halls to product launches.

Now it’s time to bring back the hybrid way of thinking. Attendee health and comfort has made the idea of hosting an event both online and in person an attractive idea for those wishing to reach as many people as possible.

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The Future of Hybrid Events

In-Person Audience

Recently, Plum Media coordinated a hybrid event that incorporated an in-person setting in a ballroom as well as a virtual setting with online attendees. Before everyone met in the ballroom, the client made sure attendees were healthy. Seating was arranged to follow physical distancing guidelines. Presenters onstage also followed protocols.

Online Audience

While the in-person audience experienced the meeting in a physical setting, the online audience participated via a livestream of both the live ballroom and pre-produced content. Plum strategically pre-produced this content to better serve the online audience. Even before the event began, we helped coordinate online attendee setup and made sure they were coached on how to use interactive tools.

Hybrid Event Success

Hybrid events are powerful because they extend the reach of your meeting through online audiences. The key to success is making sure that in-person and online audiences are having the same high-quality interactive meeting experience. It’s not enough to set up a laptop with Zoom or MS Teams and show a single view of the stage. Online audiences deserve to be engaged in the meeting as much as in-person attendees. That’s where Plum’s experience in both settings pays off

We not only coordinate all details at the venue of your choice – anywhere in the world – but we also work with your virtual audience to make sure they have what they need. That includes:

  • Coordinating logistics of the live platform
  • Sending links for each person to participate remotely
  • Presenter coordination and tech support
  • Distributions of presenter kits: high-quality microphones and web cameras
  • Video and graphics creation
  • Producing creative videos to help enhance the viewer experience and convey information
  • Scriptwriting
  • Coordinating venue logistics: lighting, audio, staging
  • Hands-on project management for both onsite and virtual attendees

Plum Media works to accommodate any logistical or technical need for your event to ensure the best experiences for both audiences.


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