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12 Days of Bad Stock Footage | #badstock

At Plum, we comb through stock footage everyday and this year we discovered a lot of terrible gems along the way.

Mostly holiday related.

This inspired us to create our own #badstock holiday footage starring all your favorite Plum characters:

Check out the rest of our 12 days of #badstock below.


🎵 On the 12th day of #badstock, my true love gave to me. 12 second of a burning tree. 🎵

Description: "Burning Christmas tree due to a short-circuit, in a homelike living-room on christmas eve with gifts around plus a beautiful old chimney/fireplace gloweringly."
Original: Burning Christmas Tree

A message from OSHA brought to you by Santa Claus.

Description: "A cartoon santa stops in front of the camera and welcomes you.”

Original: Greetings from Santa Claus. Snowboarding Santa Claus Crashes


Good Monday morning! Today, this young man tries to ‘seal the deal’ by using his champagne prowess. She has some different thoughts. #badstock

Description: "Handsome man pouring champagne with girlfriend near by at christmas time."
Original: Christmas Time

Wrapping up this week of ‪#‎badstock‬ holiday footage is this clip of Santa Ninjas. Because ninjas and Christmas go together like peanut butter and fish sauce.*

*No offense to any professional ninjas.

Description: "Seven young ninja assassins in Santa hats walk through the shot. Ho Ho Ho! It's a full-length shot on a white background."
Original: Santa Ninja Parade

We gave a new soundtrack to this mean Mrs. Claus. #badstock

Description: "mrs. Claus throw Christmas gift into the fire in the stove"

Original: Mrs. Claus Throw Christmas Gift To Fire In The Stove

Producer Lance Miller has directed hundreds of videos. Today, he tries his hand in getting a good performance out of this "Interntet Security 1 Hdv” scenario. The results are a true #badstock original.

Description: *Editor’s Note - No description was made for any these videos. Also, they spelled Internet wrong in the title.

Original: "Interntet Security 1 Hdv"

In today's #badstock, wild and wonderful creatures are afoot.

Description: "8 mm - Christmas family dinner with mask - amateur film"

Original: 8mm Christmas Family Dinner With Mask

Good Monday morning! Start your day off with this musical carp.

Description: "fish carp in Santa Claus red hat isolated on white background"

Original: Carp In Santa Claus Red Hat

This Gingerbread guy has got some moves. #badstock

Description: “Classic gingerbread guy as funny hip-hop dancer for your Christmas, New Year and other holiday, event, party, show, etc… 3D animation rendered as looped lossless QT HD PNG + Alpha channel with transparent background."

Original: Gingerbread Dancer 03

Straight from Plum-TV comes this winter’s weather report with the help from a crazy animated snowman. #badstock

Description: "Isolated Snowman in a panic situation. Looping Animation."

Today, we gave a ‘voice’ to this voiceless Santa holding what is clearly not a Canon camera thanks to blue tape. #badstock

Description: "Santa's suit with a camera in hand photographing"

Original: Santa's Photographing

Kicking off our #badstock footage is this 3D animated skeleton. We added a little more holiday cheer to his crazy dance. No motion capture involved! #badstock

Description: "Funny dancing skeleton in Santa Claus hat for your grungy Xmas projects. 3d animation rendered as lossless Full HD PNG MOV + Alpha channel with transparent background and could be easily looped at any length in the ping-pong mode.”

Original: Skeleton Santa Dancer