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Creative Marketing Resources videos win dotCOMM award

CMR dotCOMM award

Sometimes all we need is a second chance in life. That second chance came to Milwaukee resident, Jamie De Jesus, just when he needed it most. Plum Media was brought in by Creative Marketing Resources to tell De Jesus’ story. The video was produced by Plum producer and director, Trevor Wright, and recognized with a dotCOMM award for Social Media Marketing.

The dotCOMM awards focus on web marketing and the creativity companies use to engage with current customers while trying to reach potential clients. Wright worked with Wisconsin’s largest minority-owned, full-service marketing agency, Creative Marketing Resources. He collaborated with Digital Account Manager, Kevin Michaels, to create a video campaign for ResCare. They set out to grab people’s attention on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The Campaign

The award-winning video follows the story of Jamie De Jesus, who after spending a decade behind bars, found full-time employment with the help of ResCare resources. ResCare helps people find work across the country through job training workshops, educational skills courses and by providing childcare assistance for those trying to get back on their feet. De Jesus took that chance with ResCare, and it changed his life.

Many people in Milwaukee County find themselves in similar situations. Some are forced to rely on government benefits to survive. Often, you need to be employed to utilize the programs. ResCare wanted to reach out to those people to let them know their service works. While some videos focused on how ResCare operates, De Jesus’ video was a testimonial that showcased why ResCare was a company that deserved the trust of potential clients.

The Videos

Two videos were produced for the campaign. The first was a testimonial documenting De Jesus’ life story and why he needed ResCare’s services. It was about three minutes long, which makes it great for YouTube. YouTube dominates long-form video and appointment viewing and thirty-three percent  of total view time on YouTube is attributed to long-form content.

Wright created a condensed version of the three-minute video for Facebook. Shorter videos tend to do a better job of grabbing people’s attention and generate more interactions on average. On Facebook, many people watch these videos without any sound. To combat the problem, the second, shorter video relied heavily on De Jesus’ story being told through text on the screen. Captions of De Jesus’ soundbites were used to help viewers understand the whole story without having to turn the sound on.

The Results

ResCare saw a huge return on investment following the release of the videos on YouTube and Facebook. Many people interacted with the video by commenting and sharing it. Others signed up for services. In total, Rescare reported that hundreds of people reached out and registered following the video campaign, signaling a successful call-to-action.

Wright believes the best part about working on this project was collaborating with Creative Marketing Resources and Michaels. They had a similar vision for the videos, making it easier to execute the campaign. Wright is not only pleased but proud his videos are helping people find the help and resources they need to get hired. Social media played an essential part in the success of this project. When used correctly, it can create amazing results for a company, a corporation, and a cause.


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