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How to Pull off a Successful Corporate Event

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to putting on a successful live corporate event or meeting. Technical aspects include coordinating audio, video, staging etc. and then there's the actual content or message that needs to be conveyed. Depending on the size of the event, it could become too much for one person, or even team, to take on.

There are three areas that you'll want to pay special attention to the next time you're in charge of making your companies message shine bright. Organization, Content and Audience Participation.




You'll want to be uber uber uber organized. You really have to plan a lot because so many things can happen so fast during the event. Take the time to plan everything in advance as carefully  as possible to increase the chances of everything going smoothly. 

Go ahead, buy that binder with the multicolored tabs, highlighters and different colored pens. You'll probably need them.


The second most important thing is content.

You want to make sure that the message that you're delivering at that meeting is concise and effective. Your audience should be able to understand the message and be able to take it with them when they leave. And it all comes down to not only what the content is, but also that it is presented in a way that draws the audience in and creates a sense of immediacy.

Audience Participation

Sitting in a plain ballroom and listening to someone talk behind a podium for a couple hours is a good way to increase the chances of your audience tuning out. 

Whenever possible, try to inject some fun into it to keep the attention span of attendees. Use visuals, multiple camera angles if it's being streamed, or get the top corporate officials to have some fun, to loosen that tie and do some silly video as a meeting opener. All of these elements can deliver a really strong message to the audience so they walk out of that meeting feeling a little more empowered, a little more excited and ready to approach their job with new zest.

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