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Celebrate Valley Week With Plum!

Have you marked your calendars for Valley Week yet? We sure have! 

What Is Valley Week?

Valley Week is an eight-day event that celebrates the neighborhood of Menomonee Valley! It’s great for all ages and interests. The Menomonee Valley rests next to the Menomonee River, which used to lack the environmental needs for wild-life and Milwaukee community. Thanks to Menomonee Valley Partners, our neighborhood has been transformed into a national model in economic development and environmental sustainability. We are proud to be their sponsor. 

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Who are Menomonee Valley Partners?  

Menomonee Valley Partners is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1999. Their mission is to revitalize and sustain the Menomonee River Valley as a thriving urban district that advances economic ecological, and social equity for the benefit of the great Milwaukee community. Click HERE to learn more about their projects!  

What are the Fun-Festivities? 

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Valley Week