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Behind the Scenes of our Halloween Social Media Video


You might be surprised at the amount of thought and detail that can go into even a simple concept for a social media video - like let's carve our logo into a pumpkin for a Halloween video.


A Look at the Plum Media State of the Art Production Studio

On August 31st, 2017, Plum Media officially moved from our offices in the Third Ward to a newly renovated building located on St. Paul Avenue in the Menomonee Valley.

One of the highlights of the Plum Media building that makes it so versatile for video production is our 1000 square foot in house state of the art production studio.


Keep Your B.R.A.N.D. in mind when deciding how to create your next video [Infographic]

Technology allows us to capture content instantly. Smartphones have turned us into photographers, videographers, and editors. While technology has given us the tools to produce videos, it hasn’t transformed us all into award-winning filmmakers. Before you hit record, read these tips below. Think about how you want the world to see your company. Your BRAND.


10 ways to recruit more hires with video

Stocks are surging, unemployment is low and the economy is looking up. Great news for our investments and retirement funds, but busy times for headhunters, human resources professionals and college recruiters. Finding qualified candidates is getting even more difficult. A great way to get started, to communicate your unique message, is to add video to your recruitment efforts.


How can video bring value to your business?

Video is a powerful tool.  It can communicate a tailored message, capture an audience and deliver a strong ROI. Still not convinced? Watch the video below to learn why you can’t afford to exclude video from your marketing and communication strategy.  


20/20: How to shoot a corporate video worth watching

After 20 years in business, Plum Media's 20 employees have learned a thing or two about what goes into creating high quality and captivating corporate videos. Pair these quick tips with some careful planning and your next corporate video is sure to be the talk of the office. 

How to prepare for an on-camera interview

Planning a video that will include on-camera interviews? You might get some hesitation when you send out that email request to camera-shy participants. We get it. Not everyone wants a moment in the spotlight! In this vlog post, our production team shares a few tips to help your participants prepare for an on-camera interview to help them feel more prepared and more comfortable. 


Lessons in the Media World

What I Learned My First Few Weeks at Plum

By: Colleen Black 

Upon graduating from college, I chose to take a bite out of Plum Moving Media and conquer the video production world. Since starting my job as Digital Production Assistant here, I realize Plum has added a sweetness to my life that I did not know I was missing. Thanks to the entire staff, I have come to find the real world, is really not that bad, and that working has its benefits (like unlimited access to a bowl of peanut M&MS).

Three weeks of experience under my belt has not magically transformed me into a perfectly seasoned professional yet; however, thanks to advice passed along from my fellow coworkers, I have already gained some invaluable life lessons. These lessons can apply to both office newbies and long-term media professionals alike.


From Intern to Employee: 20th Person Added to Plum Staff

Making it memorable, Plum Moving Media added its 20th staff person as it approaches its 20th anniversary.  We welcome full-time employee Colleen Black to our growing team. Black is a 2016 Marquette University Digital Media graduate who interned with Plum during her senior year.


Recent Work Roundup


It's finally summer here in Wisconsin (although a little chilly as I write this post) and we've been working hard on some incredible Plum projects. We hope you find some inspiration here for your next live event or video project. Here's the skim: