Why I love my job

First, the variety. Meetings and events have taken me around the world and to places the public doesn’t get to see. It’s not something I take lightly, it’s an honor and a privilege I’m thankful for. I don’t go to these great locations to see the world. (Side note: more often than not, we see the airport, our guest room at the hotel and the ballroom, it’s as exciting as that sounds).

Second, when we are doing a live show, there is an adrenaline rush. Once they start, there is no stopping them. Here’s my secret to live events: Don’t drink a lot of water before the show. No dancing allowed if you know what I mean.

Finally, being able to help my customers get their customers, sales people or guests excited, making the event memorable. It’s a challenge but I enjoy finding new ways to wow the audience. Just as often, they wow me.