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Work Examples

As soon as people hear that I manage and produce live event awards programs, they inevitably ask, “What’s the coolest location or biggest event you’ve done?” That’s like picking which of your children is your favorite.

Each event is unique and memorable. Plum’s events team had the pleasure of working with a Fortune 100 company to help honor their valuable sales channel partners. These channel partners use their powerful selling skills to promote the company's brands and the top producers were awarded a red-carpet gala weekend at The Beverly Hilton in Hollywood, California.

Plum’s role was to add the glitz and glitter through staging, eye-popping visuals and live bands and more. And yes, we even captured red-carpet interviews with the help of Hollywood actors we hired.

Unforgettable venue

Location. Location. Location. Where else would you want to roll out the red carpet than the exact spot Hollywood holds the Golden Globe Awards®? Long before guests arrived to pop a glass of bubbly, we were scoping out the International Ballroom and creating scenic looks.

From the moment I stepped into an empty venue, the wheels in my head started turning with ideas on how we could transform the space into a magical environment. I admit, I get a fiendish delight over delving into details most corporate event managers would prefer to delegate. Camera locations? Lighting design? Crew scheduling? What kind of band should we hire? I’m in heaven! 

Memorable offsite experiences

Well-planned recognition events always incorporate free time for attendees. What would a visit to Hollywood be without a filmmaking experience? Guest piled into busses and rode to Universal Studios. They split up into groups and did a little team-building exercise, creating movie trailers.

Clearly they were having fun. Plum captured their outtakes with our own cameras and edited clips featuring their foibles. All of it played to uproarious laughter at the final night of the recognition event held at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

The “wow factor” generated from this multiday recognition event was palpable. We were asked to capture interviews with the attendees and everyone gushed about the way the event inspired them to be proud of partnering with a company that values their hard work. As for me, I left exhilarated and exhausted. And ready to take on the next live event challenge.



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When you work with Plum, you are working with a team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, recording engineers, and editors who all work together to bring your message to life. 


We have experts on staff who have experience in large scale televised or streamed events, internal corporate town halls, award shows, and everything in between. 


We think about your audience first and how to keep them engaged by combining your content – from corporate town halls to product webinars – with our live streaming experience to get results.


From podcasting to narration and everything in between, the right script and voice can make your final product stand out from the rest. The producers at Plum Media can help ... and find the music that goes along with it.

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