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Videoconferencing vs. Livestreaming

What’s the difference and how do you choose?
To clear up the confusion about the benefits of videoconferencing tools versus livestreaming, let’s use an analogy. Nod your head if you’ve ever been to cocktail party or happy hour. Keep nodding if you’ve attended a concert in a stadium. You probably enjoyed both events. There’s no doubt that when you received an invitation to each, your expectations were clear.

Keep this cocktail party versus concert comparison in mind as you read on about livestreaming and the pros and cons. First, some definitions.


Creating New Content with your Current Assets

Repurposing video, podcasts, and marketing materials can increase your reach and return on investment. It all starts with a story.


NOW HIRING: Multi-Camera Live Stream and Live Event Writer/Producer/Director

Plum Media is looking for a Multi-Camera Live Streaming and Live Event Writer/Producer/Director for live events, corporate sales, training, marketing, and town hall meetings.


Livestream Webinar: Animation and Video Solutions: Unleashed

Join Plum Media for an interactive livestream on April 30th. We'll discuss ways you can incorporate video into your messaging strategy.


Virtual Meeting Bingo [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Make your virtual meetings more enjoyable and exciting with the Plum Media Virtual Meeting Bingo downloadable bingo card.


Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

Being a part of a virtual meeting is a different experience than face-to-face communication – especially if it’s your face on camera. Just like a meeting in a conference room, there are some etiquette tips that can make your next virtual meeting more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Adding Podcasting as a Channel

Podcasting is a growing way to get your message in front of an audience. Neilson estimates that over 50% of the US population already listens to podcasts - and it’s not just millennials. Research shows that older generations also prefer to consume information in audio form.


Five Remote and Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Gathering your company’s employees for an onsite meeting may be productive, but not always feasible. There could be travel restrictions, budget cutbacks, or you simply have employees located all over the world.

Whatever the reason, don’t let remote and virtual meeting technology get the best of you. Broadcasting through live streaming is a great option. Follow these five best practices to make it a success.


4 Questions To Ask In Pre Production to Achieve Your Campaign Goals

When clients call me with a new video project, I listen intently, take copious notes and wait for the inevitable pause. Then I launch into a list of questions only a producer would ask.


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