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video production

Lessons in the Media World

Life experience gained during my first three weeks working at Plum Moving Media.


Profit from Episodic Content?

The possibilities for brands to create cost-effective, original programming for customers is limitless. Enter episodic...

video production

How to Apply the Hero-Hub-Help Video Strategy to your Corporate Communications

Rise above the corporate noise by applying the Hero-Hub-Help video strategy to your corporate communications.

Kelly Daley's Most Memorable Interviews

Milwaukee video producer, Kelly Daley, has interviewed some amazing people over the course of his career. In this video...

Plum Moving Media Announces US Festival Documentary

MILWAUKEE, WI – May 7th, 2012 - ICON Television Music, Unuson Corporation and Plum Moving Media announce the making of...

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Plum Moving Media Receives Awards for Video Production, Online Video & Social Media

The Milwaukee BMA 2012 Bell Awards are right around the corner! All entrants are encouraged to submit a boarded entry...

2012 BMA Bell Awards: Peer-Judged. Mom-Approved

The Milwaukee BMA 2012 Bell Awards are right around the corner! All entrants are encouraged to submit a boarded entry...

Bruce's Mini-Tribute to Apple

A fun post on Bruce's tribute to Apple and how he may have single-handedly kept them in business during the lean years....

Snap-On Rescue Rig: Electronic Torque Wrench | Snap-on

Snap-on Tools was looking for a way to promote and generate buzz around their hand tools.

Plum Continues Its Award Winning Ways

Plum Moving Media is proud to display two new trophies for highest honors from the prestigious MarCom Awards...

Inspiration from Haiti

It will take a long, long time for Haiti to climb back to what was already a meager state even before the earthquake....

video production

Plum Wins a Freddie Award

Plum Wins a Freddie Award


Plum Media offers a full range of media production services.




When you work with Plum, you are working with a team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, recording engineers, and editors who all work together to bring your message to life. 


We have experts on staff who have experience in large scale televised or streamed events, internal corporate town halls, award shows, and everything in between. 


We think about your audience first and how to keep them engaged by combining your content – from corporate town halls to product webinars – with our live streaming experience to get results.


From podcasting to narration and everything in between, the right script and voice can make your final product stand out from the rest. The producers at Plum Media can help ... and find the music that goes along with it.

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