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Take the time: the value of pre-production

Starting a video project can be exciting, but diving in too fast could be a mistake. When deadlines are looming, it's tempting to rush the planning process and head right into production. Resist the urge! Not only will pre-production lead to a higher quality product but you may find yourself with some additional content to repurpose as well. The key to pre-production planning can be summed up in a single word: Focus!


Amp up social recruiting with live video

If you're a professional recruiter, you're no stranger to the hiring challenges in a tight job market. Cutting through the digital noise to attract the right talent can seem impossible – which is why you want to consider adding live video to the mix.


10 ways to recruit more hires with video

Stocks are surging, unemployment is low and the economy is looking up. Great news for our investments and retirement funds, but busy times for headhunters, human resources professionals and college recruiters. Finding qualified candidates is getting even more difficult. A great way to get started, to communicate your unique message, is to add video to your recruitment efforts.


Add Trevor's chili to your spring tailgate menu

  • Trevor Wright
  • Dec 18, 2017 10:43:06 AM
  • Holiday

It's spring in Wisconsin which means that the first couple of ball games can be a bit chilly. Plan ahead and whip up this tasty recipe for your early-season tailgate parties! 

I spent time traveling the great state of Wisconsin producing a travelogue show in the past. In every town I would grab a cup of chili at one of the local establishments. It’s really hard to screw up chili and I found some of the best cups at the diviest bars in northern Wisconsin. You'll find variations of the classic: some have spaghetti noodles, some throw in last night’s prime rib leftovers and some just flat out go for the hotness 🌶️  factor.


Plum Media Project to Premiere on AXS TV

Plum Media is proud to announce the premiere of a project five years in the making on one of the most influential music festivals in history. The US Festival 1982: The Us Generation is a documentary produced by Plum Media, ICON Television Music and UNUSON Corporation. It will premiere November 28th on AXS TV.


Plum Media celebrates 20th Anniversary

Plum Media reached a major milestone this year. 20 years in business, 22 employees and a vision for growth. We started Plum in 1997 because of a need in corporate communications to craft messages in a more creative and engaging way. Since then we've expanded our business to support a variety of industries and communication professionals who need event support, video and audio production, streaming technology and commercial production.


We've arrived at 1418 W St. Paul Avenue

Wow! It feels great to be settled into our new space in the Menomonee Valley, surrounded by innovative and enterprising businesses. It has been a long couple of months to get to this point, but well worth it. There's a lot of excitement in the building. I think everyone feels really invigorated to be in a place we can finally call our own.


Plum Media officially opens its doors in the Menomonee Valley

Plum Media has moved into its new headquarters in the Menomonee Valley! A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday September 8th to celebrate the move. Milwaukee city officials and representatives from the Menomonee Valley Partners joined Rich Schmig, president of Plum Media for the occasion.


Our clients keep asking, where's my space?

As any Wisconsinite knows, this state has only two seasons: winter, and "construction." Summer's in full swing (finally!) and that means we're making great progress on the construction of our new building at 1418 W. St. Paul.


20/20: Plum's favorite things about baseball season

Brewers excitement reaches a fever pitch as the crew try to maintain the top spot in the National League Central Division following the All-Star break. The Plum team breaks down why baseball season is truly the best time of year.


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