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Plum Takes Home The Gold in 2017 Award Season

The glow of award season is upon us! This time is especially exciting because three of Plum Media's projects earned top awards.


How can video bring value to your business?

Video is a powerful tool.  It can communicate a tailored message, capture an audience and deliver a strong ROI. Still not convinced? Watch the video below to learn why you can’t afford to exclude video from your marketing and communication strategy.  


Bobcat vs. building: demolition update

Two and half months have passed since our groundbreaking event at 1418 W St. Paul in the Menomonee Valley and it’s been incredible to watch the transformation of Plum’s future home. Demolition commenced immediately after the event and I’m excited to report that it’s complete with the exception of a few small details. I was hoping to hop into the Bobcat myself but apparently there were a few liability concerns with a video producer taking on major demolition of a large building. Something about supporting walls and beams. What could go wrong?  Minor details.


20/20: How to shoot a corporate video worth watching

After 20 years in business, Plum Media's 20 employees have learned a thing or two about what goes into creating high quality and captivating corporate videos. Pair these quick tips with some careful planning and your next corporate video is sure to be the talk of the office. 

Plum breaks ground on $1.85 million facility

President of Plum Media, Rich Schmig, led the ceremonial groundbreaking of Plum's new production facility on March 3 in the Menomonee Valley.

"It's a sunny day and I think it speaks well of the future for Plum and our new building here. We're starting on a bright sunny day and it's only going to get better from here," Schmig said.

A cause worth celebrating

At this year’s 21st annual Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Club Run/Walk, Plum Media employees rallied together to "Fix it in post" and support a cause which lies very close to their hearts.


Tips for marketing your videos on YouTube using Google AdWords

Guest Post By: Joe Martinez

Every single day, YouTube videos generate billions of views.  But how do you, the advertiser, tap into that massive audience? With Google AdWords, an online advertising service, the tools for getting your ads in front of the coveted YouTube crowd are right at the tips of yours fingers. From text-based search ads, in-app mobile ads and YouTube ads there are a variety of ways to target your customer.  How do you effectively utilize these tools? Read on below for strategies.  


Ways to measure your video's ROI 

You’ve researched the impact of video, calculated a budget and are eager slot it into your marketing mix. The only bottleneck is getting senior leaders to approve the budget.


Fix it in post

Turning a devastating tragedy into a positive event

As anyone in the video world can attest, there’s an old adage that drives us crazy, but that tends to bear its share of truth, whether we like it or not. Fix it in post. It refers to the amazing genius of our editing brothers and sisters who can somehow take just about anything that is poorly shot and turn it into something, perhaps not beautiful, but at least something usable, something with purpose.


Comparing live streaming & web conferencing for internal meetings and town halls

Imagine your boss walks up to your desk and says, “We need our communications efforts to engage more employees. Let’s webcast our next all-hands meeting.”


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