Plum Ponderings

Ways to measure your video's ROI 

You’ve researched the impact of video, calculated a budget and are eager slot it into your marketing mix. The only bottleneck is getting senior leaders to approve the budget.


Fix it in post

Turning a devastating tragedy into a positive event

As anyone in the video world can attest, there’s an old adage that drives us crazy, but that tends to bear its share of truth, whether we like it or not. Fix it in post. It refers to the amazing genius of our editing brothers and sisters who can somehow take just about anything that is poorly shot and turn it into something, perhaps not beautiful, but at least something usable, something with purpose.


Comparing live streaming & web conferencing for internal meetings and town halls

Imagine your boss walks up to your desk and says, “We need our communications efforts to engage more employees. Let’s webcast our next all-hands meeting.”


Here, There, Everywhere. Where's Bruce?

A friend of mine recently noticed my diminished presence on the Plum website and was concerned that I had vanished into obscurity. My observant friend is exceedingly perceptive. I’m here, but not always here. I’m there, but ‘there’ is often working from home. I’m everywhere it seems, but less and less at Plum.


VIDEO: Plum Counts Down to 2017!

Betcha thought our Slo Mo Holiday videos were over!
Nope… here’s one last video to say thank you for a great 2016 and welcome an even better 2017!
Have a safe and Happy New Year from your friends at Plum Moving Media!


VIDEO: Season's Greetings from Plum!

Everyone told us to slow down this Christmas season. We took that a bit too literally. Check it out and stay tuned for bonus clips that will be posted on our social media channels throughout the month! 

Season's Greetings from your friends at Plum Moving Media!


Plum adds Art Director, Aaron Johnson, to post production team

Plum Moving Media is excited to welcome Aaron Johnson to the post production team as a full-time Art Director. Aaron brings more than 18 years of experience in illustration, graphic design and animation to Plum’s growing team.


Plum recognized as a Best Place to Work in Milwaukee

This post was updated in 2018

Plum Media is honored to be recognized for a second year as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Each company was evaluated on employee engagement, teamwork, retention, job satisfaction and more. 


Plum's starting lineup: meet the creative team

Pre-season is over. Are you ready for some action? We’re kicking off the football season by introducing our team (below). Let’s toss some ideas around. It’s all about making forward progress and coming up with a winning strategy. We’ll bring our A game.