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By: Colleen Black

The inescapable smell of sweet barbeque sauce fills the air.  The Plum crew stands by, audio equipment in hand and F55 camera poised, ready to capture a family of four at their Menomonie-based barbeque food truck business.  A normal day for Plum?  Not quite. Then again, this ongoing campaign for Hearst Marketing Resources and WESTconsin Credit Union has been anything but ordinary.  It’s given the Plum team yet another opportunity to do what they do best, tell fascinating stories.



The Story Behind the Campaign

Plum Moving Media Producer and Director Kelly Daley’s latest batch of commercial spots for Hearst and WESTconsin continue to focus on what’s important – the credit union’s members.  

It’s a soft-sell approach, one that sets WESTconsin apart from its competitors.  From barbeque food trucks to cafés to personal homes, the campaign gives the Plum team the opportunity to share the credit union members’ unique success stories and lifestyles.

 The successful campaign began ten years ago and features:

“These are great commercials to work on, and the campaign has been extremely successful, which is really gratifying,” Daley said.

Wild About WESTconsin

Since 2008, Plum has created more than 50 videos for Hearst and WESTconsin. This past June,  Daley and fellow Plummer Bob Gregory shot the sixth batch of commercials.  For five days the Plum duo, along with local crew members, captured the heart and soul of various communities in and around Menomonie.

According to Daley, the shoots are always something to look forward to.  “I love these shoots.  Hearst Marketing Resources is a great client,” Daley said.  “Jack Hearst gives us a lot of freedom to do what we think we do we well, and that’s tell stories. We get to meet some fascinating people.”

More Bang for Their Buck  

After each round of shoots, the client receives a variety of videos from commercial spots to long-form web pieces, all pulled from the same footage.  Plum recognizes the opportunity to repurpose video, which increases the client’s budget value and also boosts traction on social media and other marketing channels.

Thanks to Hearst Marketing Resources, WESTconsin Credit Union and all of the credit union members for letting us tell your stories!


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