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Hoonigan's™ Ken Block vs. The Snap-on® Truck

Produced by: Gary Cline

Snap-on Tools is known as the tool of choice among professional technicians and drivers. Snap-on wanted to increase exposure for one of it’s sponsored race teams and world rally car driver Ken Block. Ken is known as an internet sensation creating his Gymkhana series of videos on YouTube that have generated hundreds of millions of views worldwide. Snap-on created a special edition tool box that matched the livery graphics of Ken’s car and wanted a video that matched Ken’s other video work in style, pacing, and energy.


Plum had one day with Ken so we planned a day of production at Snap-on headquarters in Kenosha, WI that would prominently combine the Snap-on logo, their highly recognizable trucks, Ken Block’s car, and of course, Ken’s signature edition tool box. Ken is known for long, sustained, smoke-producing burnouts in his 550 horsepower Ford Fiesta race car. Conceptually, we decided to pit Ken against a Snap-on franchisee in a burnout competition – intended to appeal to Ken’s sophisticated niche fan-base and incorporate high style and a little humor.


The video was a fantastic success. Within a month it generated over 10,000 YouTube views and at the time of this posting has garnered over 15,000 views with positive engagement among viewers. This video has also won several national award competitions for production excellence.

Topics: sales & marketing, Social Media, awareness

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