Plum Projects

Meet Veolia Water Milwaukee

Produced By: Gael Garbarino Cullen

“This fun, fast-paced, graphically intense marketing video was designed to be the first stop for visitors touring Veolia Water’s Milwaukee operations. I wanted to quickly give the audience an appreciation for the work done there in an entertaining fashion. It was great fun working with the kids on this shoot…and the dog!”



While the treatment of wastewater from Milwaukee homes and businesses might seem a little “dry,” this marketing video for Veolia Water Milwaukee needed to energize and engage viewers and help them appreciate the work that goes into the treatment process and the vital contribution that it makes to the community. We needed to help convey the scope and magnitude of this business without appearing boring or too scientific, reaching an audience of all ages, from children to adults.


We made wastewater treatment FUN! We utilized a mix of RED digital cinematography for eye-popping water shots, colorful motion graphics and interesting animation and then brought in actors of all ages (gotta have the cute kids!) to provide the color commentary. An upbeat musical bed punctuated the piece and kept it “flowing!”

Plum Crew

Videographer: Bob Gregory
Video Editor: Nicole Gates
Motion Graphics: Kevin Petajan

Topics: video marketing, sales & marketing, product video

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