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Celebrating a hero with the Red Cross of Southeast Wisconsin

This is the second year we’ve had the honor of working with the Red Cross of Southeast Wisconsin on their annual Brave Hearts: Heroes Among Us campaign. Brave Hearts is the largest fundraising gala of the year for the Red Cross and celebrates our local everyday heroes.

The hero of the year for 2016 is an amazing man named Dennis Kucia. When his apartment building caught fire, he helped his family get out and assisted in saving three other lives: a mother and her newborn trapped on the second story roof, and an amputee. What makes this story even more amazing is that Dennis did all of this while suffering from multiple myeloma, a debilitating form of bone cancer.

Video Credits: Lance Miller, producer; Bob Gregory & Jason Klappa, directors of photography

In the two years that Plum has assisted with the Brave Hearts event, donations at the event have doubled. Of course, we certainly can’t take all of the credit for that, but we would like to believe that we played a crucial role in that success. We are looking forward to celebrating many more local heroes in 2017.

You can watch all of the video stories from the 2016 Brave Hearts event on the American Red Cross Wisconsin Chapters YouTube channel.  To learn more about blood drives, donations and services visit the American Red Cross of Wisconsin: Southeast Chapter.

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