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Produced by: Gael Garbarino

The easy part of this project? No shortage of great visuals and natural sound opportunities! The challenge was packing 4 days of exciting activities and music and a dozen or so testimonials into one short promotional video. Being Irish myself, I was personally invested in this project and I love the final results. It turned out to be a high energy piece that was attractive, true to the Irish cultural theme and told potential sponsors what they needed to hear…the great value of backing this premiere ethnic festival.

Plum Crew

Field Producer: Trevor Wright
Production Coordinator: Patrice Nault
Video Editor: Jay Cederholm
Motion Graphics: Kevin Petajan


Irish Fest is a wildly popular event that brings people from all over the United States and internationally to the Milwaukee area. The organizers are always looking for more major sponsors to join. They needed a sponsorship video that would tell major corporations, in 3 minutes, what Irish Fest is about, the kind of people and dollars it brings in, and why their company should be a part of it.


In partnership with Celtic Marketing Communications, Plum was able to deliver a compelling sponsorship video by gathering several ‘big name’ interviews and capturing the flavor of Irish Fest on-location. These interviews were then set up to bolster several other facts about the event, presented through on screen graphics. Though there is an Irish ‘flair’ to the video, it was important to convey a sense throughout that Irish Fest is a professionally-run, large-scale, event that any potential sponsor would love to be a part of.


Irish Fest was able to repurpose their video into 30 second TV spots and to bolster the Milwaukee Irish Fest YouTube presence.



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