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Produced By: Kelly Daley

“This is one of the most meaningful projects I ever worked on. The four kids we featured are incredible. Our client, COPE24, is doing some important work. It’s great to play a small part in that effort.” –Kelly


COPE24 challenged us to produce a video that shows the incredible damage that can be done by shaking a baby. COPE24 needed a tool to show teenagers and young adults how Shaken Baby Syndrome can destroy lives. This hard-hitting video shows that shaking a baby is a violent act of rage and the repercussions are irreversible.


The Life Sentence features four children. All were shaken. Four lives changed forever by Shaken Baby Syndrome. This documentary-style production looks back at how the children were abused. It dramatically depicts their lives today. And it looks ahead to futures devoid of hope or promise.


Educators, social workers, and child welfare administrators are lauding The Life Sentence. In April of 2014, The Life Sentence received a silver award in the 45th Annual MCA-I Media Festival. The competition was held on a national level. The video is currently being used in schools and presentations. It’s also being prepared for broadcast.

Plum Crew

Production Coordinator: Patrice Nault
Video Editor: Jay Cederholm


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