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What is CannedWater4Kids?

Produced by: Trevor Wright

I knew that I would be dealing with water a lot with the theme of this video. And I knew, for something like this, stock footage wouldn’t cut it. So, I utilized the RED Epic camera, the same camera used to film The Hobbit, and spent a day shooting various lakes, streams, and fountains at high frame rates. Those frame rates were as high as 360 frames per second to create gorgeous looking slow motion shots. After combining what we captured with the footage provided by CW4K, I love how this video turned out.


Plum Crew

Executive Producer: Rich Schmig
Executive Producer: Bruce Gibb
Director of Photography: Bob Gregory
Production Coordinator: Patrice Nault
Editor: Jay Cederholm
YouTube Optimization By: Katie Raebel (CW4K Channel)


CannedWater4Kids is an up-and-coming charity based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The founder, Greg Stromberg, sells cans of water by the pallet and takes 95 cents of every dollar earned to help fund sustainable water projects around the world like Engineers Without Borders (UW-Milwaukee Chapter). His charity has the cans, the water, and the means to move them across the country, but lacked a way to communicate his message of global sustainability. A video was needed.


The UW-Milwaukee chapter of Engineers Without Borders had recently taken a wealth of photos during a trip to Guatemala. Inspired by the good work being done by those students, Plum conceptualized a product video based around the imagery of water and the stories told by Greg Stromberg and Marissa Jablonski. After acquiring their narratives, we set out to capture the best images of water we could find across the state of Wisconsin. We also shot one of Ball Corporation’s manufacturing plants where the cans are made then donated to Greg’s organization. Bringing all of these images and stories together, we crafted a stunning video that not only communicates CannedWater4Kid’s story, but their hopes for the future.


The video was a hit for not only the founder, Greg Stromberg, but everyone involved. It is a moving piece that is now the centerpiece for the charity and their message.

Visit the CannedWater4Kids website for more information about this non-profit. If you’d like to help Greg, consider purchasing a case of CW4K for your next event.

Topics: nonprofit, image piece, product video