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VERUS® Edge Diagnostic and Information System Earns Telly Award

Produced by: Ken Schellin

Kudos to Plum producer Ken Schellin and his production team on winning a Telly Award and Communicator Award of Distinction for the Snap-on VERUS Edge Diagnostic and Information System product video.

“This was a great chance to put our 4K camera and those sweet prime lenses through their paces, in the studio and on location. Bonus: our client hooked the VERUS Edge up to my Ford after the shoot and diagnosed a problem for me."

Congrats guys! 

Plum Crew

Producer/Director: Ken Schellin
Cinematography: Bob Gregory and Jason Klappa
Graphics: Kevin Petajan
Editor: Jay Cederholm

About Ken Schellin

Inspired by Star Wars and the Muppets, I started making mini-movies as a kid- why stop as an adult? It’s just that my productions no longer star my sister or my cocker spaniel. Outside of work, you might find me puppeteering a character in a web series or planning my next international trip. From China to Cuba, Austria to Australia, my foodie wife and I are always exploring. And yes, the camera keeps rolling. Check out our blog at Now, when's the next flight to Mongolia?

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